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InnovationsAward for Postnova at Analytica 2008

(PresseBox) (Munich, Germany, ) At this years Analytica 2008 trade show Postnova Analytics was awarded with the GIT InnovationsAward. Postnova won the silver medal for the development of the TF2000-MALS Series, which is a new type of separation and characterization method for polymers and Nanoparticles based on Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation (Thermal FFF). The Postnova Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation technology, especially when coupled to Light Scattering detection, allows high resolution separation and size determination of polymers and particles over a broad molar mass and particle size range by employing a special separation channel without any stationary phase typically used in chromatography. With presentation of the unique TF2000-MALS series, Postnova has reached a new milestone in perfecting Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation. For the first time this technology is now available to a broad range of researchers from polymer technology, material science, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

The InnovationsAward was awarded at this years Analytica 2008 for the first time by GIT Publishing to three companies presenting the most innovative products, directing attention to important technological breakthroughs from analysis, lab and biotechnology.

The products were selected beforehand Analytica show by a independent and neutral commitee, let by famous analytical scientist Prof. Dr. Uwe Karst and his collegues Dr. Stephan Kueppers and Dr. Martin Vogel. The committee nominated the 14 most interesting products having the highest innovation potential. After that the visitors of Analytica had the choice and were asked to vote for the most innovative product and finally decide about the winners of the InnovationsAward. At the end of the third day of Analytica the price was handed over in a ceremony at the show ground. In contrast to other awards, the GIT InnovationsAward is free of charge and the only the visitors of Analytica are ones who decides about the winners.

Postnova Analytics GmbH

Postnova Analytics, founded 1997 in Munich, is the leading supplier of Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF), especially when coupled with Light Scattering detection. Postnova is the sole supplier of the complete range of different FFF versions. The company offers patented FFF solutions for fast, gentle and high resolution separation and size determination of polymers, proteins and nanoparticles for life science, polymer and environmental applications. Leading international pharmaceutical and chemical companies as well as prestigous research institutions are using Postnovas unique FFF technology for characterization of their most complex sample systems