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POGEA RACING presents its newest stroke of genius- the Audi A7

(PresseBox) (Markdorf, ) POGEA RACING has for years been one of the most famous addresses in the tuning and upgrading industry. In many projects Eduard Pogea as well as his team have proven their creativity and technical skills. It is the passion of the sport orientated clientele which continually propels the peak performance of the company. The newest stroke of genius is yet again worthy of a drum roll, an innovation that the rest of the market has difficulty to match. After all POGEA RACING is the first company worldwide to draw more power out of the Audi A7 3.0 TDI and the 3.0 TFSI.

The name says it all at POGEA retro-fitting. The tuned Audi A7 "SEVEN SINS" is without a doubt worthy of all its sins. The impressive motor tuning carried out here is evidence enough. The finesse applied in the implementation of the concept alone underlines the high quality standards of the company. Different to many businesses the tuning smithy from Lake Constance does not place emphasis on an additional control unit for the luxurious sportback. The series control unit of the 3.0 TDI and the 3.0 TFSI has been newly programmed by experts. All parameters have been accordingly adapted and the safeguarding functions of the control unit remain activated. Even the diagnostic capabilities of the motor electronics have been maintained following the targeted modifications.

Specially tuned for every taste and budget

With two performance kits for the turbo diesel with its three liter capacity and a performance setting for the likewise three liter large turbocharged petrol engine; POGEA RACING offers customers various alternatives at more than reasonable prices. The software customizations are offered at a price of 1799 Euros and offer the customer real added value. The first variation is intended for the A7 3.0 TDI in the multitronic version. The POGEA technicians have improved the value of the aggregate increasing performance from 204 to an impressive PS of 251. The torque increases from 400 to 468 Nm. As a result the power packet has better acceleration and the driver feels the impressive torque in every situation. The second performance setting appeals to owners of the A7 in the S-Tronic model. The diesel engine undergoes an increase in strength from 245 to 289 PS and after proficient intervention the torque soars from 500 to 555 Nm. Exactly as with the first performance variation, the motor responds better and offers the driver incredible power potential at any time. In this way the sporty self-igniting engine can impress on the motorway even when compared to established sports cars. No less awe-inspiring is the power treatment for the turbocharged petrol engine. Here again the company POGEA RACING lets its genius shine. Software customization brings a performance increase from 300 to 345 PS. The torque obtains what is a substantial push for a petrol engine, it climbs from 440 to 495 Nm. Optional to upgrade for the speedy diesel and petrol engines there is also the choice of a sports filter and a stainless steel exhaust system with a sporty sonorous sound. All performance enhancements always include suspension of factory set speed restrictions (V-Max). Optionally all tuning can be recorded at an extra charge on the performance test-bench.

Optics and handling also get a mention

The A7 sportback SEVEN SINS appears to be in perfect shape but only in combination with the "STROKE" metal alloy wheel rims from MÖZ. POGEA RACING is the exclusive importer in Germany for this brand. The 9x20 inch model with its shiny black and chromed rims, again underlines the both stylish and sporty look of the Audi A7.

Along with the optical aspect, the wheels also fulfill functional tasks as they have a positive influence on handling. The forging technology used in production is responsible for this. This means that the multi-part STROKE is particularly light and robust - the unsprung mass is reduced, which is particularly noticeable above all when accelerating and braking. MÖZ STROKE is delivered outright with Continental Sport Contact 3 in the dimensions 265/30 20.

A further advantage in handling is achieved with the lowering of the vehicle's center of gravity. POGEA RACING achieves this at different levels with the coil-over suspension Street Comfort from KW for the Audi A7. This boosts the driving dynamics of the sportback. The vehicle maintains directional stability around bends even at high speeds. The braking system from Brembo with perforated steel discs and special brake pads ensures maximum braking performance.