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Programming for multiple Platforms with "Message-based DAQ" USB Modules - designed for OEMs

(PresseBox) (Eichenau, ) The USB-7202 and USB-7204 are part of the new USB-7000 series of data acquisition products, designed specifically for Messagebased DAQ (MBD), Measurement Computing's new O/Sindependent protocol that allows DAQ devices to be programmed with simple textbased messages. The modules combine small form factor (dimensions like PC/104), buspowered USB hardware and a light and agile software framework for users that prefer to develop applications by writing code instead of using development environments such as LabVIEW or DASYLab. The USB-7000 series is ideal for OEMs and exclusively available from PLUG-IN Electronic now.

The "Messagebased DAQ" Protocol

"Messagebased DAQ" (MBD) is a welldefined protocol that permits the programming of DAQ devices using simple textbased messages. The MBD protocol greatly simplifies driver and application development, because all DAQ operations are programmed through a common command interface, which is composed of a consistent, extensible firmware interface and an opensource API that can be easily ported to multiple operating systems.

The firmware parses textbased messages through a device driver and converts these messages into DAQspecific commands that control the device. This concise and welldocumented interface allows driver development for multiple operating systems, and also supports O/Sindependent embedded systems that need to communicate only over a USB root port.

The Message-Based DAQ application API is crossplatform and open source, and includes a library, an outofthebox application that runs on Windows and Linux, and programming examples in C# and VB .NET. The source code is included for all of these components.

Additionally, the MBD software requires only a handful of API methods - one for sending commands to a device and others to manage data transfers. The intuitive command set makes programming an MBD device a simple task. Below is a code example:

- DaqResponse = MyDevice.SendMessage("AISCAN:RANGE=BIP10V")
- DaqResponse = MyDevice.SendMessage("AISCAN:LOWCHAN=0")
- DaqResponse = MyDevice.SendMessage("AISCAN:HIGHCHAN=3")
- DaqResponse = MyDevice.SendMessage("AISCAN:RATE=1000")
- DaqResponse = MyDevice.SendMessage("AISCAN:SAMPLES=4096")
- DaqResponse = MyDevice.SendMessage("AISCAN:START")
- ScanData = MyDevice.ReadScanData(4096)


The USB-7202 has eight singleended 16bit analog inputs and provides one A/D converter per channel, allowing simultaneous sampling over all 8 inputs. The USB-7202 offers continuous singlechannel sample rates up to 50 kS/s, and multiplechannel continuous sampling rates up to 100 kS/s total. A burst mode is also provided which allows four channels to be sampled at 50 kS/s each, total aggregate up to 200 kS/s, for up to 32,768 total samples. Input ranges of ±10V, ±5V, ±2V and ±1V are software selectable, and each channel may be set at any of the four ranges, independent of other channels. It also includes a 32bit event counter.


The USB-7204 has eight singleended or four differential 12bit analog inputs, two 12bit analog outputs and one 32bit counter. In differential mode, there are eight software selectable input ranges between ±20 V and ±1 V, and in singleended, the range is ±10 V. Sampling rates up to 50 kS/s.

Software Support

CD containing the MC7000 DAQ Software API, USB-7000 Series Firmware Architecture, a Windows® installer file (msi), and a Zip file containing installation files for Linux operating systems

USB-7000 series - Programming for multiple platforms with "Messagebased DAQ" USB Modules - designed for OEMs Link:

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