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Pironet NDH in a state of change: More synergy and lower location costs by basing companies at the same site

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) In conjunction with the reorientation and to enhance the sustainable profitability of Pironet NDH AG, the company has announced that its subsidiary Imperia AG will move to the central headquarters of Pironet NDH AG in Von-der-Wettern-Strasse 27, Cologne-Porz. Pironet NDH AG is already located there, as is Pironet NDH Datacenter GmbH. nexum AG, the third business unit of Pironet NDH AG, will remain at its current location in Cologne-Braunsfeld.

The simultaneous expiry of a number of rental agreements on 31/12/2011 enabled the total office space leased by the Group to be decreased and thus to be promptly adjusted to the reduced current requirements. As a result, the Group's rental charges will decrease considerably in 2012 while the building and office infrastructures provided for the staff will be of considerably higher quality.

Imperia AG's move to Pironet NDH's headquarters will also permit savings on decentralised, general facilities at the locations such as meeting rooms and reception areas as they will be used jointly and therefore more efficiently. At the same time, the costs and time previously involved in daily courier deliveries between the locations will be saved, as will those caused by all previous multi-location meetings.

The centralisation of major activities in the Group also means that in future all procedures concerning the HR and administration services provided centrally by the holding company will be simplified, and that cooperation between the companies - especially in sales work relating to business with new and existing customers - will be significantly enhanced.


PIRONET NDH AG is a corporate group that brings together three companies specializing in the different business areas ICT outsourcing, content management as well as consulting and design. PIRONET NDH AG was founded in 1995 and is based in Cologne. Since 2000, it has been listed on the German stock exchange. The Group of companies employs more than 350 people and posted sales figures of around 55 million euros in the financial year 2010. More information: