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1) Virtual Assistants Are Coming - This Time for Real!

- Adam Cheyer (Founder Siri)
- Vishal Sharma (VP Google, Google Now)

Two tech giants, two big names, two competitors - Apple and Google have both invested heavily in the development of "virtual assistants". Adam Cheyer, Founder of Siri, and Vishal Sharma, VP of Google and Google Now will join together to speak about virtual assistants and the implications of this powerful technology for entrepreneurs and society.

We all know the iPhone's personal assistant Siri. When it was first acquired by Apple in 2010, there was a huge buzz surrounding the potential of what in essence was a handheld PA. But Siri wasn't quite what everyone expected or hoped to expect, and Adam will speak about just what was different about his vision for the virtual assistant and how he envisions the future for personal assistants.

Today Siri has a new competitor - Google Now, the highlighted feature of Google's first phone, MotoX. Vishal will let us know why it's different this time and why it matters for consumers, developers, entrepreneurs and society. Interesting side note: Google's VP of Search received a title change to VP of Google Knowledge. A very interesting move to show how they see the future of Search and also connected to the discussion at Pioneers Festival 2013.

2) "Chinese startups will leverage their Hardware in a way not even Apple can dream of"

- Cyril Ebersweiler, Founder of Haxlr8r, the Hardware Accelerator based in Shenzhen The Pioneers blog team has covered the rise of the Hardware powerhouse in China called Shenzhen. "To succeed you have to sleep in a factory in China," says Cyril Ebersweiler, founder of Haxlr8r, adding that the founders of Leap Motion went through a similar experience.

Apple and others are producing their hardware in China and new hardware startups are following suit everyday. Is it possible that western countries will be left behind in the rising Hardware revolution? There are unimaginable benefits and opportunities when it comes to prototyping your hardware in a place like Shenzhen, low cost and high speed among them.

As one of the world's leading minds in the Hardware movement, Cyril will provide a glimpse into the status quo of Hardware, what's happening in China, and what the future roles of Europe and the U.S. will entail.

3) Meet & Greet with Phil Libin

- Phil Libin, CEO Evernote
- Chosen participant 1
- Chosen participant 2

CEO of Evernote Phil Libin will take the stage at Pioneers Festival. Phil is a popular guest speaker at various other tech events, but this year in Vienna the rules will change.

The Russian-born American entrepreneur has experience ranging from CoreStreet to Vignette Corporation and beyond, and is without a doubt an experienced industry titan.

But rather than giving a keynote, this year Phil will join two rising young founders in a conversation on stage. It is not often that the up-and-comers have the opportunity to meet and talk with the experts of their field. The Pioneers Festival is an event for important discussions and we are here to lower the barriers and bring the community together with noteworthy technology leaders.

4) Robolution - Rise of the Robotics Startups

- Andra Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics, Robot Launchpad, Robotic Garden
- Noland Katter, Anybot
- Steve Cousins, Willow Garage
- Rod Brooks, Rethink Robotics, iRobot

When we think of robots, our minds automatically jump to the future; we think of the cartoon we all watched when we were young, The Jetsons, we ponder what it might be like in the years after we're gone. This era of artificial intelligence is no longer years from now. It's happening as we speak.

Think about AI&Robotics startup "Anki", the first startup ever allowed to use the Apple's annual WWDC event as a platform to launch in front of a global audience. It was then described as "the best robotics startup ever seen" by Venture Capitalist and industry titan Marc Andreessen. Let's take a deep dive into the status quo and the challenges and opportunities ahead. Here are the protagonists of the discussion:

CEO and President of Willow Garage Steve Cousin will join the discussion with Rod Brooks, founder of Rethink Robotics, the company behind the famous Baxter robot. The goal of Willow Garage is to help the personal robotics revolution arrive as soon as possible. The company is widely known as the creator of the PR2 robot, TurtleBot and the ROS, which is the open source robot operating system. Noland Katter from Anybot, - a mobile telepresense robotics startup founded by Trevor Blackwell (co-founder of the famous accelerator YCombinator) will also join the discussion and bring along someone else from the company. The session will be moderated by no one else but Andra Keay, Founder of Robot Launchpad, managing director of Silicon Valley Robotics and co-founder of Robot Garden, a new robotics hackerspace. Be prepared for new perspectives about the opportunities and challenges within the field of AI & Robotics. What are the implications for entrepreneurs and investors? What is the market potential and what are people currently working on?

5) The Internet of Things

- Luc Julia, VP Samsung, Open Innovations

What will it be like when our cars can talk to each other? "How's the traffic downtown?" one says.
"Not so good; take this route instead," your own responds.

At Samsung, Luc Julia, former CEO of Apple's Siri, is currently managing a budget to make these types of interactions possible. The not-yet-revealed platform for M2M communication and home automation will allow new startups to build great applications upon.

Luc says that more than 50 companies are already involved in this project, a big number considering most of us don't even know what it entails. At Pioneers Festival 2013, the specifics of the endeavor will be unveiled and one thing is for certain: with the sale of the GPS-based navigation app Waze, and the rise of M2M communication, Luc's reveal is not to be missed.

6) European Premiere of Thalmic Lab's MYO - Revolutionary Science Meets Outstanding Technology

- Stephen Lake, Founder and CEO Thalmic Labs (MYO)
- Matthew Bailey, Founder Thalmic Labs
- Aaron Grant, Founder Thalmic Labs

MYO is an incredibly powerful Gesture Control Consumer technology. What is gesture control?

Just imagine playing an instrument without it physically in front of you, or simply swiping your hand through the air to move to the next slide in your presentation.

Five months ago, a Canadian startup launched a trailer that spread around the world and showcased a new mind-blowing technology. Today the video has three million Youtube views.

Thalmic Labs then participated in the last YCombinator batch, after which MYO raised $14.5 million to bring their product to consumers. At present, the company is deep in development mode.

The MYO launch is currently planned for fall 2013, but in October the three co-founders Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey and Aaron Grant will showcase MYO live on stage at Pioneers Festival in an incredible demonstration not to be missed.

7) Predicting the Future

- Christopher Ahlberg, Founder Recorded Future

He sold his first business for $195 million, he served in the Swedish Special Forces and today entrepreneur Christopher Ahlberg has received $20.9 million in funding for Recorded Future.

It's exactly what it sounds like - a software that predicts what will happen in five minutes, five months or even five years. Cofounded by Christopher, Recorded Future's first two investors were Google and the CIA. Its incredible potential has attracted U.S. government agencies, banks and hedge funds as high-paying clients.

Palm readers and crystal ball magicians will be put out of business! The true aim of Recorded Future is to organize all the data within the Internet for predictive analysis, and in doing so allowing the future to be calculable. No longer will we wonder about potential risks or future opportunities; instead we will be able to make intelligent decisions based on the assessment provided by Recorded Future.

Christopher rarely speaks to the press or the public, but he will be present at Pioneers Festival 2013.