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Difficult times are good times for good staff

(PresseBox) (Lonnig, ) PaulySales focuses on staff development and sales promotion. PaulySales was founded to support enterprises in predatory competition. Those who manage to be successful in difficult times will be thriving in the long term as well.

In the previous nine years, we have trained sales competencies in the pharmaceutical industry. The German health reform lead to a need for a much more active and innovative sales concept in this market.

The same applies to the healthcare market. Here, we developed and implemented various training classes to secure the future of doctor's practices, pharmacies, medical accessory shops and opticians. In that sector, active sales was previously frowned upon. Changing conditions, however, require more than ever to proactively addressing customers in the healthcare business as well.

In the craft sector we taught entrepreneur skills and we improved the selling capabilities of inside staff and sales representatives of wholesale companies. Craftsmen are often devoted to their technologies. In sales talks, however, they often get cold feet. We picked them up where they were and lead them to successful sales.

In the media sector we managed to turn unskilled advertisement collectors into competent advertisement and media consultants who instantly experienced their success. Not least we strengthened the sell-off capabilities of brand manufacturers at the point of sales and the successful sell-through.

We have repeatedly been successful in showing our clients in different sectors that they can use difficult times in their surroundings wholly to their own profit. And we will continue to do so.