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Detlev Paulmann is Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

Company Culture with People at its Core

(PresseBox) (Springe-Völksen, ) The family entrepreneurs - ASU have awarded Detlev Paulmann the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2011" prize. The managing partner of the Paulmann Licht GmbH has received the Association's annually awarded prize for the outstanding engagement shown for his enterprise and for his employees.

"We are glad to be able to reward an entrepreneur's personality in combination with an outstanding format. An enterprise culture with people at its centre, as well as an innovative range of products, combined with modern design developments and above-average services - these were the ingredients which comprised the success of the enterprise", emphasised Kay Uplegger, chairperson of the Regional Chapter of the Hanover branch of Die Familienunternehmer - ASU (the family entrepreneurs).

The presentation took place on the 27th of January, 2011 in the Leibniz University of Hanover. As well as the awarding of the prize by Kay Uplegger, there were words of greeting from the professor of engineering, Dr. Erich Barke (President of the Leibniz University of Lower Saxony) and Joerg Bode (Minister for Economic Affairs of Lower Saxony). The guest speech was presented by Dr. h.c. Carsten Maschmeyer (MaschmeyerRürup AG).

Detlev Paulmann (41) is spokesman for the management of Paulmann Licht GmbH. In 2004 he took over responsibility for the enterprise from his father Rüdiger Paulmann, who founded the company in 1982, following three years leading the company's Marketing department. After qualifying as an industrial engineer he was active from 1998 to 2001 at Procter & Gamble in the distribution and commercial marketing sector. Beyond the enterprise he has been involved in the advisory board of the central association ZVEI Electrical Industry - Light Trade Association. Privately he is a member of the Old Tablers Germany and is the founder president of the newly founded "Table".

Detlev Paulmann is really pleased to have been honoured as a family entrepreneur: "The most important factor in this enterprise is our excellent team and the application of every individual. Hence, I dedicate this prize to the whole team. It is not only me as an entrepreneur who is being honoured with this prize, but we as the whole company!"

Cooperation plays a determining role with Paulmann. The manager has his office in the midst of all of the other offices. The door is usually open. "In this way, contact with colleagues is always there, and any concerns can be discussed quickly and easily", according to Paulmann. The employees are involved via a profit bonus premium model in the enterprise. This motivates and promotes economic activities in all areas.

The balance between family and work is important. In the Paulchen Club, the Paulman employees have the possibility to let the company look after their children of up to three years old within the company's crèche facility. Paulmann therefore offers an optimum re-entrance into professional life.

As a company, Paulmann is well aware of its social responsibility. Continuous, for those interested from within as well as from outside the company, there is a series of events that the company call "Culture after Work", which involves music, reading and handicrafts. This commitment goes so far that employees have repeatedly taken to the stage and created the programme themselves. For this, the enterprise has already been awarded the Cultural Contact Prize by the State of Lower Saxony. As well as this, Paulmann promotes large-scale youth welfare projects for the Youth Welfare Department in the town of Springe, and also for the youth association in Völksen. Paulmann is well-known for its commitment to children and youngsters in Springe and has received the attribute "family-friendly enterprise" from the town of Springe.

Economically, Paulmann Licht GmbH is well set up. Over the past two years it has invested a lot. The enterprise initiated a presentation & training centre in 2009. Trading partners have here the opportunity to see various lamps and luminaires as well as various sales presentations in order to implement what they have seen in their own sales areas. A training concept, taking in all aspects of the lighting trade is in high demand within the trade. The new goods range of wall land ceiling lighting was successfully introduced by Paulmann. The lighting range was updated with many power-saving alternatives for the lamps affected by the electric light bulb ban. Currently Paulmann is in the middle of a conversion to a new brand appearance. Up until 2012, all packaging and trading partner sales ranges will be changed so as to generate attention, as well as to provide quality and trust. With an excellent sales increase of 9% in 2010, they are looking very confidently to the future.

Die Familenunternehmer - ASU (The Family Entrepreneurs):

Die Familenunternehmer - ASU (The Family Entrepreneurs), formerly known as the Consortium of Independent Entrepreneurs, awards the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award in each of the Federal states on an annual basis. The association sees itself as the strong voice of the employers' faction in Germany. As a political protection of their own interests, the family entrepreneurs follow the maxims of freedom, property, competition and responsibility. Family entrepreneurs represent responsible free enterprise: They cling to their capital, are rooted in their particular region and stand for a lasting enterprise and personnel policy. This entrepreneurial vision and its regulatory regime value framework make family entrepreneurs ideal ambassadors for the social market economy. Over 90% of the enterprises in Germany are family enterprises; so-to-say owner-controlled companies. In addition, amongst the companies with a turnover of over one million, 80% of these are family enterprises.

Paulmann Licht GmbH

Völksen/Springe near Hannover is the company's location. With the advancement and refining of electric light bulbs, Paulmann was able to design and shape illumination devices in a more ornamental, homely fashion. The business segment was continuously expanded in the area of lighting systems and the accessories available for this versatile segment, with its varied, specialist illumination application possibilities. The Paulmann product range now consists of over 2,500 innovative ideas in the area of illuminants and luminaires, underlining their wide-ranging competence in the lighting industry. Units that offer the dispersion of pleasant light and energy efficiency for every living space - this challenge is answered by energy saving technologies using halogen low voltage, LED and energy savings lamps. Downlights, wire and rail systems, spotlights, picture and work lights, wall and ceiling lights fulfil the varied needs of people requiring a homely type of light. As well as having desig ned the lighting units themselves, the quality of Paulmann products is clear to see. An international jury has recently decided to award Paulmann the iF 2011 Product Design Award for their Premium Line Side LED product.

Complete shop concepts and goods presentations show the varied offer over a relatively small surface area. A dense network of traders enables every end user to receive the catalogue article of their choice within the shortest possible time. The 15,000 square metre logistics centre was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Logistics and Material Flow and was process optimised in every detail. The dynamic picking system can put together up to 450 packages every hour. In 2010, the enterprise has shipped over 620,000 packages.

The company has 450 employees. With sales offices and representations in 40 countries in Europe and North America, each trading partner is individually cared for on-site.