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Now Shipping - Patton's EFM Equipment for Carriers and Enterprises

(PresseBox) (Gaithersburg, MD, ) Patton - the leader in business and carrierclass VoIP, network access, connectivity, and video surveillance equipment - is now shipping the RocketLink(TM) Model 3202 G.SHDSL Ethernetinthe-First-Mile (EFM) modem for carriers, service providers and enterprises.

Since Patton began taking orders in September, numerous service providers have been installing the RocketLink(TM) EFM CPE on customer premises in order to quickly and costeffectively roll out profitable broadband Ethernet services to businesses, governments, schools and other organizations.

"Inquiries are coming from all sorts of customers," said Johnnie Grant, EFM product manager at Patton, "from clean transmission environmentslike business LAN extensionto noisy railway car applications."

During the past two months, the Marylandbased manufacturer has seen a steady and growing interest in the product.

"It preserves capital investment," Grant adds. "With Patton's EFM modem, operators can use the infrastructure they already have to deliver new, revenuegenerating services."

By leveraging preinstalled bundles of twistedpair cable to deliver firstmile broadband network access, Patton's EFM Network Termination Unit (NTU) eliminates the trouble and expense of installing fiberoptic cable.

"Service providers like the 3202," Grant explains, "because they can offer premium highspeed symmetrical data services to customers they couldn't reach with older G.SHDSL equipment,"

Using Ethernetover-SHDSL (EoSHDSL), The RocketLink(TM) 3202 extends connections up to 1.6 miles/2.6km at symmetrical nx64 rates up to 22.8 Mbps. The device employs EFM Bonding to combine up to four copper pairs (eight wires) into a single communications channel.

"Today's carriers are eager to connect business customers to their metro networks," Grant observes, "and EFM is the key standard that makes this migration easier. ADSL2 is an inexpensive longreach technology, but it's asymmetrical. VDSL2 is blazing fast but has very limited distances, especially in symmetrical configurations."

Patton's model 3202 G.SHDSL.bis EFM (also known as 2Base-TL) CPE is compliant with ITU-T G.991.2 and IEEE 802.3ah and offers the reliability of Ethernet connectivity with unmatched rate and reach.

Grant continues, "Patton's G.SHSDL EFM is the ideal gap filler. It enables carriers to expand their service offerings. EFM enables standardization and Ethernet penetration into the access networks. Eventually EFM will eliminate nonnative transport methods such as Ethernet over ATM."

With an onboard fourport fast-Ethernet switch with QoS, CoS and VLAN (802.1q), the RocketLink(TM) 3202 supports four levels of traffic priorities, flow control and rate control.

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