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Paragon Software to Showcase at Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 New Multidimensional Dictionary Apps, Including the Industry's First Dictionary App with Advanced Morphology

New proprietary mathematical model combines the code and morphological data into a cross-platform library with a footprint of 25 MB

(PresseBox) (Frankfurt, ) Paragon Software Group, a leading software developer of the world's most trusted dictionaries and reference applications since 1994, will showcase at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 new dictionary applications from the world's leading publishers, including Duden - Die deutsche Rechtschreibung app with the most advanced 12 morphology characteristics integrated directly into the dictionary. Paragon Software has developed a mathematical model that combines the code and morphological data into a cross-platform library with a footprint of 25 MB. By simply clicking on any word form, the mobile user can now view up to 12 morphological characteristics, including tense, mood, voice, aspect, person, number, gender and case, declination, conjugation, person, case, mode, times, and others about any part of speech. Modern dictionary apps become more complex and multifaceted, with a single app increasingly presenting the content of multiple print editions with a special emphasis on detailed grammar information.

Why do we need morphology as part of the modern dictionary?

The integrated morphology module allows the user to learn how to analyze the language. The learner identifies patterns in conjugations and declensions, recognizes exceptions in the rules and memorizes these exceptions using the dictionary's learning features. For example, just as the user types a declinaton or conjugation, the morphology feature displays the basic form of this word. That is, when the user types "took" the morphology feature suggests "take".

Intergrating the morphology module within the dictionary app presents many challenges for the developer and publisher and is a very tedious task.

The morphology challenges include:

- The source data size in gigabytes is enormous. The engine has to perform the most precise and reliable data compression into the tiniest format without compromising the app's capabilities.
- Very sensitive data that cannot be supplied in an easy-to-extract view.
- Morphology is not just data but a system that runs on its own, regardless of the text for which it is applied.
- Business model and how to monetize it.
- Every morpheme generated by the engine has to be subsequently checked manually by the editor in order to avoid automated errors.

Paragon Software has cooperated with Duden, a German publisher, to integrate the morphology content into the dictionary app and they succeeded.

The industry's first morphology implementation is for Duden - Die deutsche Rechtschreibung app, and:

- provides sufficient protection for the source data due to use of morpheme approach with exceptions based on root/morpheme trees
- provides linear performance to access and unpack root/morpheme tree
- delivers both morpheme and grammatical morphology

Paragon Software will showcase its dictionary apps for 35 world languages available for all popular mobile and desktop operating systems at Stand M134, Hall 8.0. Alexander Zudin, Paragon Software's CEO, will speak on October 9, at 14:30 p.m. in Hall 8.0 (Hot Spot Stage) on morphology as part of the modern dictionary.

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