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Oslon Black Flat - new colors for new rear lighting designs

(PresseBox) (Regensburg, ) Turn indicators, taillights and brake lights all covered by one and the same LED family? The new Oslon Black Flat does just that. The latest addition to the family emits yellow light and various red tones and is exceptionally bright. Specially designed for light guide applications, these LEDs can also be used for more complex solutions in the rear lighting for vehicles.

A single type of LED, the new Oslon Black Flat, can now be used to create complex taillights. The different brightness requirements for the various functions are simply met by a variable number of LEDs and different current levels. While small LED types are typically sufficient for standard taillights, the Oslon Black Flat opens up new solutions thanks to a possible current draw of up to 1000 milliamps (mA). A peak brightness level of 66 lumen (lm) at 350 milliamps (mA) is achieved by the amber version at a wavelength of 617 nanometers (nm). White encapsulation, combined with state-of-the-art thin-film chip technology, ensures that the light from these LEDs is extracted very efficiently.

The new yellow and red tones extend this family of robust LEDs which are renowned for their high light output and which also includes converted yellow and white versions. With no lens in the way, the light from this new version can be injected into light guides from very close range and therefore with extremely low losses. Designers therefore have enormous freedom, allowing them to create large unmistakable rear lighting solutions for top-of-the-range models. The new Oslon Black Flat can also be used however to create compact taillights for city cars and electric vehicles, and cost-effective taillights for the compact class. This is thanks to high efficiency at moderate current levels and to high light output at high current levels.

The low thermal resistance of 4 kelvin/watt (K/W) for red (electric) is due to the special optimized package. One of the benefits of this package is the high luminous flux at high temperatures. Since the thermal coefficient of expansion of the copper-based black QFN package (Quad Flat No Leads) is matched to the coefficient of expansion of the pc boards, Oslon Black Flat LEDs are particularly stable through the temperature cycles on these boards and therefore have a long life.

The LEDs are additions to the portfolio of rear automotive lighting from Osram Opto Semiconductors, which includes Golden Dragon, Oslon Black with lens, Power TopLED and Advanced Power TopLED.

Technical information on the Oslon Black Flat family