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Green chips set to break records

° Peak brightness values in the OSRAM laboratory

(PresseBox) (Regensburg, ) The new green chip in ThinGaN technology from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has achieved a brightness in the laboratory in excess of 180 lm. The 1 mm² chips will be used in Dragon and Ostar LEDs. Specially designed for low current, these highpower LEDs are efficient light sources for display backlighting.

The high-intensity green chips are destined for LCD backlighting applications. They achieve maximum efficiency in the current range from 100 to 350mA. A smaller number of LEDs is therefore needed to provide a specified brightness level over large display diagonals. Thanks to their small power consumption of slightly more than one watt, LEDs with the new chips place very modest demands on display cooling.

In the laboratory the green chip with a wavelength of 527 nm has achieved more than 180 lm from an operating current of 1 A. From 350 mA it produces 100 lm and consumes 1.4 W (72 lm/W). By contrast, the conventional generation of chips in the current green Platinum Dragon LED would need an operating current of 1 A to produce 100 lm.

This increase in output is based on a new epitaxial process and improved chip design.

OSRAM expects the first light emitting diodes based on these chips to go into series production by the middle of 2008.