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Siemens first company to pass the License Compliance Audit (LCA) of the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL)

Heidelberg, (PresseBox) - OSADL is pleased to inform that a Linuxbased web interface of Siemens Schweiz AG, Building Technologies Division, has successfully undergone the OSADL License Compliance Audit (LCA). The web interface is a tool that allows the local or remote control of one or more building automation stations via touch panels and standard web browsers. Thus, Siemens Building Technologies is the first company authorized to label the audited product with the registered OSADL LCA hallmark, indicating to the purchasers of the product a high level of legal compliance when passing on the Open Source software contained in the product.

The OSADL LCA is the only audit worldwide, which, relating to a specific product, examines whether the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPL2.0) and GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 (LGPL2.1) license obligations have been observed. While doing so, not only formal legal obligations but also their practical implementation are controlled. The audit has jointly been performed by Attorney Dr.

Till Jaeger and software specialist Armijn Hemel, MSc. Dr. Jaeger is a Certified Copyright and Media Law Attorney; Armijn Hemel is, among others, author of a program that is able to detect copyright violations in binary code and which has been used during the audit. In the course of the audit, every single license requirement contained in the GPL2.0 and the LGPL2.1 is examined for correct implementation and documented. Should a particular license obligation not have been implemented completely, the responsible processes are analyzed, and suggestions are given how to optimize them. Furthermore, it is examined whether all other contracts linked with the software licensing are compatible with each other; this especially applies to the General Terms and Conditions.

In addition, it is examined whether thirdparty code components have been integrated into the Linux kernel. If so, it is verified to what extent the licensing of the external components is compatible with the GPL2.0. Finally, it is verified whether the installed Linux kernel can be reproduced from the source code that has to be provided according to the GPL2.0.

On the part of Siemens, Mr. Roger Meier and Mr. Oliver Fendt have mainly participated in the audit. Mr. Meier is responsible at Siemens Schweiz AG, Building Technologies Division, for the development of the HW/SW platform the audited product is based upon. Mr. Fendt is responsible for the topic of Open Source Software Governance at Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, Corporate Standards and Guidance.

The audited Linuxbased web interface is the first product that has successfully passed the OSADL License Compliance Audit up to now, and Siemens Schweiz AG, thus, is the first company to receive the OSADL LCA certificate. This shows that Siemens Schweiz AG has implemented the required processes to comply with license conditions in an excellent and exemplary way.


The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) started its activities in summer 2006 and has been organizing since then the development of Open Source software for automation companies and for the industry in general. The business concept of OSADL is based on the understanding that Open Source software does not always implicitly include all the components that are relevant for a certain business sector in the required quality. As far as smartphones and the server and mainframe business are concerned, this problem is less crucial, because in this business sectors Linux is further developed and maintained by large and very active corporations. However, industrial companies are usually not in a position to contribute in a comparable way to the Linux kernel development, but, nevertheless, depend on high quality and additional features such as realtime.

In consequence, industrial companies combine forces by joining OSADL, thus ensuring the future availability of a highquality Linux kernel suitable for industrial applications.

Important OSADL projects focus on realtime capability, quality assurance in the OSADL QA Farm and certification of the Linux kernel. In addition to these development activities, OSADL members benefit from OSADL's knowledge data base and its collection of legal assessments, they may attend OSADL seminars and workshops and take advantage of OSADL's individual services. Last but not least, members may specifically present their products with the help of OSADL and network with other companies, universities and Open Source developers.

The OSADL member companies employ altogether more than 100,000 people, generate a sales volume of more than 100 billion euros and are machine companies, manufacturers of automation hardware and software, semiconductor companies, Open Source software service providers and user associations.

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