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OS Nexus Quantastor turns existing hardware into storage clouds

Robust Software Appliance Lets Users Create Storage Clouds with a Few Clicks

(PresseBox) (Mercer Island, WA/London, UK, ) OS NEXUS, the provider of innovative storage appliance software for cloud computing and virtualised environments, today unveiled its QuantaStor appliance software, bringing affordable public or private storage clouds to small business and managed service providers. QuantaStor differs from legacy storage operating systems by enabling users to create virtual dedicated SANs- or NAS-based storage clouds by securely sharing the underlying hardware. This revolutionary, new storage cloud operating system is built from inception incorporating virtualisation concepts and functions similar to a hypervisor sharing physical resources with virtual machines.

The complexity and costs associated with managing and maintaining traditional SANs made them inaccessible to SMBs. The same is true for cloud hosting companies looking to offer SAN-based services to their smaller customers; they just don't make financial sense using traditional SANs. With QuantaStor, budget-conscious organisations can ride commodity cost curves by purchasing lower-cost servers and deploying these as high-performance storage systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional SANs. A key differentiator in the design of QuantaStor is the way storage is managed by reducing overall complexity and allowing administrators to delegate general management tasks to their users via storage clouds. Within a QuantaStor appliance, users can only see those resources within their designated cloud and are enabled to accomplish self-service administration according to policies or permissions set by the service provider. As such, users and virtualisation administrators are given access to advanced storage features typically only offered by enterprise SAN/NAS such as QuantaStor snapshots, cloud backup, and instant provisioning to make the execution of their projects safer and faster while increasing operating margins.

The creation of a public or private storage cloud can be done with just a few clicks, and this can then be managed via the advanced web-based management interface, QuantaStor Manager. This interface resembles the layout of a typical web application, making it very intuitive and easy to use and QuantaStor Manager is AJAX/web 2.0 based so there are no page refreshes and no client side drivers.

QuantaStor is the first storage operating system to bring true multi-tenancy to block storage thereby enabling administrators with the tools they need to delegate tasks to end-users who, in turn, can execute their projects faster. Thanks to QuantaStor's robust data management functionality, users can now create snapshots or clones of shared 'golden-images,' provision and manage their storage, without having to get assistance from a storage administrator, enabling end-user control.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with petabytes of legacy storage can also benefit from deploying QuantaStor. The software allows them to offer low-cost, high-performance, cloud-based public or private SANs by re-purposing commodity hardware already present in their datacentres, without the burden of additional capital expenditure.

"The industry is slowly addressing the management complexity problem, especially in some newer solutions but we made ease of use a core tenant in the design of QuantaStor so that it's easily managed by storage administrators and non-storage experts alike. By building a twenty-first century solution that incorporates multi-tenancy, enterprise-level data management features and extensible open user interfaces we're also bringing new tools to the table to boost productivity and efficiency. This is how QuantaStor differs from this latest wave of next-generation competing solutions," says Steve Umbehocker, founder and CEO of OS NEXUS. "We also spent quite a significant amount of time working on the out-of-box experience so that administrators and end users can get their new storage systems provisioned, running and generating revenue in minutes."

QuantaStor is available online as a fully featured 30-day Trial Edition and in a limited Free/Community Edition at


OS NEXUS develops next-generation storage management technologies to meet the needs of cloud computing and virtualised environments. The company's flagship product, QuantaStor, is a storage appliance OS built from the ground up to be easy to use, low cost, and scalable. QuantaStor enables organisations to convert commodity servers and storage into enterprise-grade storage appliances quickly and easily. Beyond the advanced iSCSI and NFS capabilities QuantaStor offers a number of unique features including the ability to easily and quickly build 'public or private storage clouds' enabling administrators to reduce their workload by delegating storage and its management to end users. For further information please visit