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OPDE starts work in four solar power facilities totalling 19.3 MW in Italy and Spain

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- The 19.3 MW that OPDE is to connect in the fourth quarter of 2011 belong to the new solar farm in Ablitas, Navarra (8.8 MW) and three photovoltaic solar plants in Italy (10.5 MW).
- Recently, the firm closed a 55-million-euro deal to deliver 13.2 MW in Italy with the investment company ForVEI.

OPDE, a multinational company specialising in the development, construction, and maintenance of photovoltaic solar farms, has started the construction of four solar plants in Italy and Spain whose total power will be 19.3 MW.

The new plants will feature MECASOLAR tracking systems and fixed structures, SMA inverters, and TRINA and Canadian Solar modules.

Among the plants to be connected by OPDE by the end of this year there is the one in Ablitas, Navarra, with 8.8 MW.

In addition, the company has started building three photovoltaic solar farms in Italy, which together reach up to 10.5 MW. The farms are located in Pozzolo Formigaro, Piedmont (4.1 MW), Sale (1.7 MW), and Pontesura (4.66 MW).

OPDE sources said the company is in contact with many clients and investment funds, both in Europe and in North America, for the sale of photovoltaic solar plants. Recently, the company reported the sale of three facilities in Italy valued at €55M (total: 13.2 MW) to the investment company ForVEI.

Record high activity

OPDE's record high activity in 2011 followed the changes in the Board and the hiring of a new executive team. The new bodies in the multinational company include senior management and highly qualified professionals in different business areas (Administrative Department, Corporate Service Department, General Manager's Office, Operation and Maintenance, among others), as well as engineers and project managers with long experience.//

PIPELINE - OPDE September-December 2011


Ablitas, Navarra 8.8 MWp


Pozzolo Formigaro, Piedmont 4.1 MWp
Sale Cava, Piedmont 1.74 MWp
Pontestura, Piedmont 4.66 MWp
TOTAL 10.5 MWp


OPDE Group is made up of the companies OPDE, MECASOLAR, and PROINSO. OPDE specialises in the development, construction, and maintenance of photovoltaic solar plants. It is one of the largest developers, constructors, and operators of photovoltaic solar farms in Europe and the USA. It is expected to reach 200 MW in 2012.

MECASOLAR specialises in the design and manufacture of solar trackers. Its products are the most widely used in Europe. In the past two years, MECASOLAR sold 28,200 single- and dual-axis solar trackers. The company's main markets, where it has manufacturing facilities, are Italy, Spain, Greece, Canada and the USA.

Finally, PROINSO sells modules, fixed structures, tracking systems, and inverters. It is the leading international retailer of top brands like TRINA or SMA, and a distributor of photovoltaic modules from REC and CANADIAN SOLAR. From 2006 to 2010, PROINSO delivered 812 MW in photovoltaic products, 528 MW in inverters and 284 MW in modules.