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Objects in Space vs. Friends in Facebook

(PresseBox) (Syke, ) The ODBMS Industry Watch Blog recently reported about the Gaia mission which is considered by the experts "the biggest data processing challenge to date in astronomy".

Roberto V. Zicari, Editor of ODBMS.ORG, interviewed Alex Szalay. Alexander Szalay is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Johns Hopkins University. His research interests are theoretical astrophysics and galaxy formation.

"Astronomy is a good example of the data avalanche. It is becoming a data-rich science. The computational-Astronomers are riding the Moore's Law curve, producing larger and larger datasets each year." says Szalay.

Alex Szalay worked from 1992 till 2008 with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey together with Jim Gray.

"Data is everywhere, never be at a single location. Not scalable, not maintainable" comments Alex Szalay.

You can read the interview at the ODBMS Industry Watch Blog: