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Performance Explosion In The Golf V By O.CT-Tuning

(PresseBox) (Widnau, ) The Golf GTI became 30 already in September 2006. On the occasion of this quite remarkable anniversary Volkswagen presented the special model GTI Edition 30 at that time, which was purely external distinguishable from the "normal" GTI's due to the changed exterior appearance and the modified interior.

The team of the Oberscheider Tuning GmbH, headquartered in Lustenau (A) and Widnau (CH), has chosen this anniversary GTI to make him explode through classic engine tuning, at least in terms of power.

O.CT offers for the VW Golf GTI Edition 30 three default performance levels up to 315 hp. It is said that there are people, who are not satisfied with this. So the developers of O.CT started cheerfully to work. The "solution" of the new project is worth to be seen, but most of all to be heard. With brutal 365 hp and 500 Nm of maximum torque this performance explosion speaks a truly convincing language!

This "way giving" result goes along with the reprogramming of the vehicle electronics, in which a special adaptation of the Level 3 software is effected. Furthermore, an in-house intercooler is installed and the air induction system is changed. The intake system itself comes from the motorsport. Besides special spark plugs and a modified injection system, an acoustically stunning 76-mm racing exhaust system from turbocharger without cat and without central pot fulfills its duty undauntedly and thereby produces a terrific sound!

Whereas for the optimization of the vehicle dynamics a O.CT coilover suspension V3 is installed, the carbon made engine and battery covering ensure a visual relaxation under the engine hood of the by no means monotone anniversary Golf. The VW Golf V GTI Edition 30 powered by O.CT-Tuning is THE true driving experience with pure forward thrust, accompanied by a terrific sound.