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Interview EUROGUSS 2010

Gerhard Eder, Chairman Association of German Pressure Die Casting Foundries (Verband Deutscher Druckgießereien, VDD) and EUROGUSS Advisory Board / Claus Rättich, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse

(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) The International Trade Fair for Die Casting Technology will be held from 19th to 21st January 2010 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre and therefore for the first time in January. Gerhard Eder, Chairman Association of German Pressure Die Casting Foundries (VDD) and EUROGUSS Advisory Board, along with Claus Rättich, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse, were interviewed in connection with the forthcoming EUROGUSS.

What characterizes a trade fair like EUROGUSS?

Claus Rättich: "EUROGUSS is probably the only trade fair worldwide to concentrate on the theme of die casting and the associated entire value added chain with such a consistent focus. This once again clearly distinguishes this fair from so-called foundry fairs which have a much broader scope or are not clearly defined.
But that is not the only thing: it is a genuine working trade fair created by professionals for professionals and that is the most important thing for trade visitors and exhibitors alike. And the concept works. In recent years the trade fair in Nuremberg has developed into one of the most important scene meeting places for the sector."

What is the situation for EUROGUSS six months before the fair opens?

Claus Rättich: "Despite the difficult economic situation, the current exhibitor volume has reached a good level. This has surprised us a little. Although we will not reach the result of the record-breaking year 2008, it will be the second-best EUROGUSS of all time.
Given the current economic situation of the automobile industry I would be very satisfied with such a result. The current level of registrations definitely justifies the EUROGUSS concept, it is a trade fair certainly worthwhile participating at, particularly at times like these."

How do you see that Mr Eder?

Gerhard Eder: "EUROGUSS is a showcase for the capability and efficiency of the die casting sector. Particularly in these times companies must present themselves at the right place at the right time. Where else but at a trade fair such as EUROGUSS do exhibitors and trade visitors find their target group in such a compact form? Where else can you find customers and do business if you cannot do so at a trade fair? There is no getting past EUROGUSS. At the present time individuals cannot achieve a lot, but the sector as a whole can.
Please allow me to clarify this by using one example: those people who are offering a service today, and die casters are service-providers, must now actively service the market. That used to be somewhat easier, there was demand that was met and regulated through the competition. Today the sales and marketing department is responsible for that, platforms are important on which potential buyers and customers are found. This functions outstandingly well at EUROGUSS as experience and the past show."

One of the most important sectors at EUROGUSS is currently experiencing a weakening trend: the automotive industry. This is no doubt also affecting your sector.

Claus Rättich: "We are observing the automotive sector very closely. In Nuremberg we have many highly specialized trade fairs covering this theme. Of course, particularly in this segment, there is currently a great deal of change. On the one hand due to the economy, the industry is suffering, on the other however, also in structural terms. The automobile market is undergoing transformation. In 10 years there will no doubt be new driving forces, better safety features and special requirements placed on construction design and energy consumption. Sustainability will be a theme along with the method of production for all components used in automobiles. Die casting will play a special role here. We will be following this trend very closely, and together with the advisory board, will make re-adjustments to the fair in a correspondingly sensitive approach and safely guide it to a successful future."

Gerhard Eder: "In contrast I would like to oppose the assertion that everything connected with the automotive industry is bad or is currently being portrayed in a very bad light. Cars are after all still being developed and built. We live in a mobile age, we must remain on the move and are dependent on the car. Of course, the automobile will undergo a transformation and the vehicle of the future will have different characteristics to that of today. However one thing is certain, die casting parts will remain a key component of modern and high-performance cars. Because die casting means precision and for this purpose we need good ideas, excellent engineers, creative minds, capable and well-trained specialists along with the innovativeness of the international die casting community."

Do you have a formula for the future?

Gerhard Eder: "There is definitely life after the crisis. That is indisputable. Particularly now we should all invest in training and continuation training. It would now be wrong, when the sector is not doing well, to make cutbacks in this area. In future we need capable specialist staff, as before specialists and excellent engineers, who will once again move the sector forward with their innovative ideas. The lack of specialist staff has definitely not been overcome, in Germany there is still a shortage of well-trained specialists."

Claus Rättich: "That is true! Companies should now think about their position after the crisis - not so much their situation during it. I am banking on the innovativeness in our country and the engineers' know-how. In addition, trust, credibility, continuity and reliability on the market are decisive. A good and sustainable trade fair strategy should therefore not become the victim of short-term cost savings. Now especially, the sector must show commitment, now especially we are the focus of attention."

You can see video impressions of the last EUROGUSS 2008 at

EUROGUSS 2010 will be held from 19th to 21st January 2010 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.

ask-euroguss: online platform for exhibitors and visitors

In 2008, for the first time, the trade visitors were able to prepare themselves quickly and easily for EUROGUSS as well as obtain comprehensive information about the exhibitors and new products. Even beyond the fair interested parties have a comprehensive online tool at their disposal at For trade visitors and exhibitors alike the versatile Internet service is an additional instrument, which enhances and promotes trade fair success all year round: research, date/meeting coordination and information downloads are directly processed - even if the trade fair itself has not yet opened or is no longer open. Contacts within the sector community are thus possible at all times in a matter of seconds. And the fair itself benefits from trade visitors who come best prepared and also from efficient customer contacts. An ongoing updating process guarantees the attractiveness of the ask pages as a sector directory even in between trade fairs.

Retrospective: EUROGUSS 2008 - success on all fronts

The event impressed the 7,098 trade visitors with its worldwide unique presentation of the entire die casting theme in a compact and concentrated approach at a single venue. On the exhibitors' side the internationality was 43 per cent, while the share of foreign visitors 20 per cent.
Over 97 per cent of the exhibitors stated during the fair that they had fully or partially reached their target group, around 80 per cent said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their companies' overall success at EUROGUSS.