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Novaled achieving record green pin phosphorescent OLED lifetimes and lowest driving voltages

(PresseBox) (Dresden, ) Novaled will present latest achievements of PIN OLED development at IDMC 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan, among them outstanding results in lifetime for green bottom emission PIN OLEDs with more than 200,000 hours at an initial brightness of 1,000 cd/m² and very low driving voltages.

Recent advances of its Novaled PIN OLEDTM technology combining longest lifetimes of green phosphorescent OLEDs and low driving voltages will be presented by Dr. Tobias Canzler, Novaled project manager, at the IDMC 2007.
The achievement of a green PIN PHOLEDTM phosphorescent OLED device in bottom-emission geometry with a CIE of (0.36, 0.61) of above 200,000 hours were attained by combining Universal Display’s high-efficiency phosphorescent OLED materials with low-voltage Novaled PIN-OLEDTM technology and doped transport materials.

“This achievement demonstrates that the Novaled PIN OLEDTM not only provides very good lifetime results, but in addition is the most suitable approach for reaching lowest operating voltages ”, states Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, CTO of Novaled.

“We expect that very low driving voltages below 2.6 V which we already achieved for Ir(ppy)3 can also be obtained for other phosphorescent green emitters” adds Jan Birnstock, VP Technology Transfer.

About OLEDs

OLEDs are semiconductors made from thin layers of organic material only a few nanometers thick, which emit light. In a fast growing market OLEDs are key parts of a revolution: the dream of paper-thin, flexible, highly efficient displays with brilliant colors and high contrast is becoming reality. OLEDs represent the future of ultra flat panel displays as well as a vast array of new lighting applications.

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Novaled AG ist ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen im Bereich der OLED (organische Leuchtdioden) Industrie, spezialisiert auf hocheffiziente, langlebige OLED-Strukturen und erfahren in der synthetischen und analytischen Chemie. Das Unternehmen bietet Gesamtlösungen für organische Elektronik und vermarktet seine Novaled PIN OLED Technologie sowie eigenentwickelte OLED-Materialien. Novaled ist langfristiger Partner führender OLED-Anbieter in aller Welt. Mit mehr als 350 bewilligten und ausstehenden Patenten verfügt Novaled über eine starke IP-Position in der OLED-Technologie. Weitere Informationen sind erhältlich unter