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Nokia Siemens Networks and mobilkom austria perform the world’s fastest I-HSPA call

(PresseBox) (Espoo, ) Testing the capabilities of the new flat network architecture, mobilkom austria has demonstrated the world’s fastest data call with a mobile device using the pioneering Internet High Speed Packet Access (I-HSPA) solution from Nokia Siemens Networks. During the trial, the data transmission downlink speed reached up to 10.1 Mbps.

The I-HSPA trial with mobilkom austria, the country’s leading mobile operator, marks another milestone for Nokia Siemens Networks in enabling top-quality 3G mobile multimedia and data services to a rapidly growing number of users in a cost-efficient manner. The I-HSPA functionality is designed for heavy data and rich multimedia usage over the wireless network. Thanks to its simplified flat architecture, the network is ready to offer the end user a full mobility of data services, improved multimedia, gaming, web browsing and email service experience. In near future, I-HSPA will be capable for data transmission rates over 10.1 Mbps.

The innovative solution also complies with the future network technology known as Long Term Evolution (LTE), supporting data rates of up to 173 Mbps. In addition to the world’s fastest I-HSPA call, Nokia Siemens Networks also demonstrated its LTE solution for the first time in Austria.

“These new technologies will offer higher data transmission rates to our customers, making it easy to use broadband multimedia services while shortening the latency rates. For us as a network operator, these technologies, with their flat architecture, offer the possibility to expand our network with more slender investments,” said Boris Nemsic, CEO mobilkom austria und CEO Telekom Austria Group. “The evolution from GPRS – via UMTS and HSPA towards LTE is a consequent line in our complementary network strategy.”

Being the leading provider of mobile broadband solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks also is the driver of the related standardization processes, like 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Program) standard that provides specifications for the third generation (3G) mobile phone system.

“It is exciting to demonstrate our I-HSPA capabilities together with our partner mobilkom austria, who always has been a network operator living the technological leadership claim. I am proud to be able to prove that the future technologies are within our reach here today – with the worldwide fastest I-HSPA call,“ said Dietmar Appeltauer, in charge of Nokia Siemens Networks business in Central Eastern Europe.

I-HSPA innovation by Nokia Siemens Networks introduces a flat network architecture to the 3G networks based on Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) technology by connecting the base station directly to the Internet and enables cost-efficient scaling of the network. It works with all HSPA devices and improves end user experience by reducing latency. I-HSPA flat network architecture also enables smooth migration to LTE.

About mobilkom austria

With more than 4 million customers and a market share of 40.3 %, mobilkom austria is Austria’s leading mobile operator. The company, headquartered in Vienna, has generated revenues of EUR 1,660.2 million in the 2007 business year. mobilkom austria’s innovation leadership is marked by the worldwide first GPRS Launch in August 2000, one of Europe`s first commercial UMTS networks launched in Austria in April 2003 and worldwide first HSDPA in the UMTS network in January 2006 and HSUPA in February 2007. With the mobilkom austria group, the success of mobilkom austria extends beyond Austria’s borders. The mobilkom austria group includes mobilkom austria, Vipnet in Croatia, Si.mobil in Slovenia, Mobiltel in Bulgaria, mobilkom Liechtenstein, Vip mobile in Serbia, Vip operator in Macedonia and MDC in Belarus.

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Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading global enabler of communications services. The company provides a complete, well-balanced product portfolio of mobile and fixed network infrastructure solutions and addresses the growing demand for services with 20,000 service professionals worldwide. Nokia Siemens Networks is one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure companies with operations in 150 countries. The company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.