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From "waste" to "virgin"

(PresseBox) (Feldkirchen / Donau, ) Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR) contributes continually to the fulfilment of the demands of companies for a reduction in production waste to virtually zero. Spunchem International in Durban, South Africa and Dimatit in Mohammedia, Morocco provide excellent examples in this connection.

More than twelve years have passed since Spunchem International, which is one of the largest and most modern manufacturers of nonwovens and geotextiles in Africa, was faced with the challenge of selecting a system for the recycling of the waste from its PP nonwoven production.

Among the short?listed possibilities was the Austrian company NGR, one of the world market's leading producers of plastics recycling systems for the reprocessing of thermo? and technical plastics.

In the end, what was then the relatively new and revolutionary NGR ONE?STEP technology led to Spunchem's choice of an NGR system. This was because the company clearly saw the advantages, for as opposed to conventional recycling, NGR technology eradicates the need for separate and additional, upstream pre?shredding, which is decidedly not economical.

Consequently, users can profit from enormous cost benefits.

Naturally enough, at the time it was impossible to know that the purchased S:GRAN 65 HD recycling system would turn out to be something of a phenomenon. The machine has already been running untiringly and reliably for an entire decade, without any screw replacement or re?armouring.

The Spunchem team realised from the outset that the NGR system was special. Therefore, they have always looked after it in exemplary fashion, adhering to the maintenance intervals and employing uniform feeding, and in the final analysis, this approach has also contributed to the problem?free operation and durability of the machine. Indeed, machine throughput today is virtually identical with that upon commissioning.

The decision to opt for NGR has also paid dividends for other reasons, as it can be demonstrated that the number one premise of putting an economic plant into operation continues to be met. In fact, the S:GRAN 65 still converts up to 180 kg of waste into quality granulate hourly on a 7?day, three?shift basis.

Moreover, laboratory tests show just how outstanding the quality of the recycled material actually is and indicate that it would allow the addition of up to 60 per cent regranulate to new material without any loss of end product or production process quality. However, as Spunchem is a company with quality accreditation, it limits the input of regenerated material to 30 per cent.

The Moroccan company Dimatit, which is the market leader for the production of pipes for irrigation, dewatering and sewerage, etc. in Morocco, was quickly convinced by NGR's ONESTEP recycling technology.

Since 2010, an S:GRAN 65 V HD has been operating at the company to the complete satisfaction of the client, whereby a considerable quantity of regranulate could be theoretically employed in the end product without any negative effect on quality. However, Dimatit is a modern and accredited company with very high, in?house quality standards and therefore the recycled material is used only for certain products and in small quantities.

NGR plants offer customised solutions that are focused on user advantages, not just in northern and southern Africa, but also around the world. Furthermore, in addition to an extensive product range, NGR attaches the greatest importance to optimum customer service and spare part supply. As a modern company, NGR offers its customers possibilities to order spare parts online from its new webshop on an around the clock basis. In addition, should technical questions arise, the remote maintenance system provides quick and competent assistance.