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NextPerformance strengthens its position in the German market

Appointment of Markus Rottmaier, Vice-President in charge of Sales for Central Europe / Opening of a second office in Berlin

(PresseBox) (Paris, ) On the heels of its successful expansion efforts in the French market, NextPerformance, an online advertising services platform specialising in dynamic (re)targeting solutions, is continuing to pursue its objectives and is now building up its presence in Germany, one of Europe's most promising markets.

Having tested the German market for nine months before opening its first office in Munich last July, NextPerformance soon widened its scope within this market, with its international operations growing quickly by 100% within the past six months.

Thanks to its technology and its know-how, NextPerformance has seen its number of customers steadily multiply and has just signed its 60th key customer. It is an entity within the OTTO GmbH group, a global leader in distance selling (one of its subsidiaries in France is the 3 Suisses group).

Backed by these very encouraging initial results, NextPerformance will open a second office in Berlin in December, which will allow NextPerformance to cover a large part of Germany and get closer to countries to the east of Germany that have not yet been conquered.

NextPerformance has taken advantage of the opening of this new office to appoint Markus Rottmaier as Vice President in charge of Sales for Central Europe. Having amassed considerable experience in sales development while working for such leading groups as Microsoft in Munich and (Axel Springer Group) in Berlin, combined with his extensive knowledge of the markets of Germany and its neighbours, Markus Rottmaier will embark upon his initial task of deploying NextPerformance's services in Central Europe. Moreover, Poland and Turkey are markets where there is already considerable demand, and they are poised to offer exciting prospects for development.

As is the case in France, NextPerformance's teams, which have been trained in Paris with regard to the company's specific techniques and technologies, are targeting e-merchants either directly or via media agencies. Customer service management is also handled on an in-house basis.

'We're delighted about the robust performance data posted for Germany. Our local presence has obviously helped us in our efforts to duplicate our offers in a relevant way that takes into account any cultural demands and constraints. For now, this market is less structured, and there's far less competition in the area of online advertising than in the French or British markets. As far as we're concerned, this represents a strong growth driver that will clearly present new opportunities for us in the nations located to the east of Germany.' concluded Vincent Karachira, the founder and president of NextPerformance.

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