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Sales begin for New Surface Temperature Detection and Alarm Systems

(PresseBox) (Tokyo, ) NEC Corporation subsidiary, NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, President: Shunichi Suzuki, Hereinafter: NEC Avio) today announced the sale of two infrared thermography products, the TVS-200IS and TVS500-IS, both equipped with body surface temperature detection and alarm features. The TVS-200IS and TVS500-IS measure an object's surface temperature without making contact, and use an object's temperature distribution to produce representative video images (thermal images).

Individuals carrying fever, for example, are detected as they first appear at locations equipped with the cameras, which may include airport and harbor quarantine stations, hospitals, public facilities and reception desks. The cameras are capable of measuring a wide range of surface temperatures (-10 - 60°C), without making direct contact with a subject, and maintaining exceptional measurement accuracy (+/- 1°C). An individual with fever is detected when their body's surface temperature exceeds a set warning point, which triggers an alarm message and a color display of the individual. A person's image is displayed as a composite of their naturally visible image and colors that represent their body surface temperatures, which enables system operators to easily identify individuals with fever.

Furthermore, the system may be easily supplemented with connections to optional alarms that initiate additional warnings such as lamps or buzzers.

NEC Avio's TVS-200IS and TVS-500IS thermography cameras' early detection of individuals with fever provides valuable aid to worldwide preventative measures against the spread of pandemic, and contributes to the safety and peace of mind of a society that is friendly to both people and the environment.

TVS-200IS and TVS-500IS Features

1) Contactless surface temperature measurement (anthropometric range: -10 - 60°C)
2) Top class thermography equipment accuracy (+/- 1°C at a photograph centered black body 30°C)
3) Alarm message delivered when temperature above set warning point is detected
4) Isotherm function enables color display of temperatures above a set warning point (color alarm allows persons with fever to be easily recognized)
5) External alarm Easily implement an optional external warning system (lamp, buzzer, etc.)
6) Mixing function creates composite images blending naturally visible images with thermal images Naturally visible images and thermal images are displayed as a composite image where a subject's characteristics are easily viewed
7) Video output (NTSC/PAL) enables connection to external monitors
8) Compact and lightweight equipment allow for easy transportation