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NEC Creates Service Platform Alliances With Six IT Vendors Targets global expansion of service platform solutions

(PresseBox) (Tokyo, ) NEC Corporation today announced that it will collaborate in the service platform field with six of the world's most influential IT vendors: BEA Systems, Inc., EMC Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Oracle Corporation, and Sun Microsystems Inc.*

Service Platforms refer to the platform systems used by companies to provide services via networks. IT Vendors have high expectations for the growth of this field, along with Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) and Software as a Service (SaaS). As a leader in this field, NEC has agreed to collaborate with six influential IT vendors to provide n ew added value, open up new markets, and expand its global business.

Specifically, NEC will collaborate with these six companies respectively in three main areas: (1) development of service platform solutions; (2) validation of system models; and (3) expansion of global SI business.

For the development of service platform solutions, NEC will develop solutions with the respective vendor companies that combine the products and system models of each company. For the validation of system models, NEC will strengthen collaborations with the respective companies' middleware products that are incorporated into system model s for configuring Service Platform Solutions, and will work together to validate these models. To expand global SI business, NEC and the other IT vendor companies will respectively expand global SI business utilizing Service Platform Solutions, targeting service providers, carriers, and other customers requiring high reliability and a broader range of standardization.

The business fields to be pursued in collaboration with the six vendors are:

1. Industry-specific fields
- PSA (Parallel Stream Architecture)
Platforms that enable real-time parallel processing of massive online transactions, as required mainly in the communications and financial industries, etc.
- SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
Platforms for flexibly linking multiple systems within a given company or across companies and industries

2. Video fields
- Media content management Platforms for providing efficient usage environments for large-volume digital video contents owned by "content holders"
- Streaming Platforms for quickly and efficiently distributing large-volume digital video contents via networks, in keeping with the viewers'preferences

3. Information management/application fields
- ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
Platforms that enable efficient integrated management of all types of data, including digital information and hard copies, which are currently stored and managed separately throughout companies
- BI (Business Intelligence)
Platforms for quickly gathering and analyzing different types of data generated through corporate activities, for use in making management decision at various levels

4. Security fields
- IDM (Identity Management)
Platforms that enable safe and centralized management of personal information (IDs), including physical security

5. Communication fields
- Contact centers Platforms that enable consistent, efficient operations involving interaction with customers using phones and the Internet etc.

Through this strategic collaboration, NEC plans to expand its Service Platform Business on a global scale based on jointly developed system models, and forecasts sales of JPY 50 billion over the next three years.

Service platforms are system platforms using IT and networks that mainly target service providers such as xSPs (Service providers), data center providers, and in-house data centers with the aim of expanding business and creating profits through the provision of services.

NEC offers many types of system models based on systems delivered in the past, to enable the construction of high-quality Service Platform systems in a short period of time. These models comprise of proven products and know-how such as related best practices, and can be customized to suit customers' requirements.

NEC systemized a wide range of know-how cultivated through its vast experience in providing rich systems in the OMCS (Open Mission Critical System) field and the IT/Network integration solutions field (the convergence of IT and network technologies) to companies in the process of constructing service platforms. It began offering solutions comprised of system models and middleware products in April 2007.

NEC's collaboration with these six IT vendors will provide an opportunity to further strengthen its existing solutions business, and to expand this business on a global scale.

*Notes BEA Systems, Inc.: Head Office: California, USA; CEO: Alfred Chuang

- EMC Corporation: Head Office: California, USA; Chairman, President, and CEO: Joseph M. Tucci
- HP: Head Office: California, USA;
President and CEO: Mr. Mark Hurd
- Microsoft Corporation: Head Office: Washington, USA CEO: Steven A. Ballmer
- Oracle Corp.: Head Office: California, USA; CEO: Larry Ellison
- Sun Microsystems Inc.: Head Office: California, USA; President and CEO: Jonathan Schwartz

Companies and names of products and services shown above are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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