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Visualead Introduces Visual QR Code - Enhances Consumer Engagement with Brands by Seamlessly Embedding a Regular QR Code Within Any Design

Simple, user-friendly web application turns any QR code into a highly intuitive and effective visual call to action marketing tool

(PresseBox) (Tel Aviv, Israel, ) Visualead, ( a pioneer of embedded Visual QR Code technology, announced today the introduction of the Visual QR Code Generator that automatically and seamlessly converts any part of an image into a QR code, enhancing consumer engagement with brands. Visualead's generator enables users to easily embed QR codes into any image or advertisement in a simple, user-friendly manner without the need for any graphic design skills. The Visual QR Code Generator allows users to create a visual call to action by turning any QR code into a highly intuitive and engaging marketing tool. Visualead's Visual QR Code Generator is available to use at

Although QR codes are already a staple in marketing and advertising campaigns, consumers currently do not identify with or relate to them and find difficulty recognizing any value in them. Visualead enhances the print to mobile connection by enabling users to embed QR codes into any image or advertisement, thereby providing consumers a meaningful call to action resulting in more interaction with the QR code. In addition, Visualead's Visual QR Code Generator ensures that every code is completely reliable and can be scanned with any smartphone QR code reader. Using Visualead's generator, designers don't need to distort their designs or compromise on their creativity.

"We are extremely excited to be launching our unique Visual QR Code Generator," said Nevo Alva, CEO and co-founder of Visualead. "Our objective is to make QR codes more visually appealing to customers and valuable for brands. With our patent-pending technology, QR codes become integrated, story-telling tags that can be placed anywhere on an advertisement so customers know what they are getting when they scan. We combine the visual images people love with the familiar QR code technology they know."

The technology behind the Visualead's visual QR codes is a unique patent pending computer vision platform developed by Visualead's image processing and algorithms experts. The platform enables to merge a QR Code onto an image while still keeping it a fully operational QR Code. Visualead technology doesn't abuse any of the error correction cells in order to improve the aesthetics of the QR Code.

Visualead currently offers a free ad-based option for basic users as well as a paid, ad-free option. For more information about Visualead, please see

About Visualead
Visualead was founded in January 2012 to provide marketers, advertisers, and designers with a useful tool to enhance customer brand engagement. Visualead turns regular QR Codes into Visual QR Codes that can be instantly and seamlessly placed anywhere on an image. During its three months beta period, the Visual QR Code Generator helped create more than 20,000 Visual QR Codes that have been scanned over 175,000 times.