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Social Media isn't Free: How to Get Your Budget Approved

The Distributed Marketing Blog today dispels the myth that social media is free - and offers an explanation of what top managers need to understand to approve a realistic social media budget

(PresseBox) (Dallas, ) There's a widespread myth out there that social media is free. It isn't. Social media requires people, time, and technology -- all of which are limited, non-renewable resources in most marketing departments.

So when it's time for the marketing department to get a social media marketing budget approved, the first step is measuring results in a way that makes sense to top management who find "impressions," "followers" and "likes" nothing more than incomprehensible jargon. That's the premise of today's new post on The Distributed Marketing Blog.

The article offers an explanation of how to dispel the myth that social media is free -- and how to make a compelling business case for social media marketing spending.

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