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Communication and configuration with the HART Modem DEV-HM

(PresseBox) (Neustadt, ) In addition to the HART-compatible sensors for virtually every industrial application such as temperature, pressure, force, flow and humidity measurement Müller Industrie-Elektronik offers also a wide range of components and accessories for the industrial measurement and control technology. This includes the HART modem DEV-HM, which can be used in conjunction with a PC and the supplied software for the setup, configuration, signal analysis, to the point of data backup and documentation of a HART field device. As PC interface via the supplied driver, a virtual COM port will be created. In the active operation mode of the modem, there is no additional sensor supply unit and no further power supply necessary because of the built-in loop power, which have a stand-alone mode to configure individual devices and provides galvanic isolation with an insulation voltage up to 1.5 kVAC between HART modem and PC. In the passive operation mode field devices which are already installed in plants can be configured as usual.

The HART Modem DEV HM by Müller Industrie-Elektronik is easy to apply and can be used to configure HART-capable field devices directly connected via USB port to the PC. The delivery package contains the modem with a PC software, which includes graphical and menu-driven control program as well as a HART cable and a USB cable. For more information about the extensive device and sensor program for measuring, display and analysis look at

Technical characteristics:

- Active operation: current loop is supplied too
- Passive operation: unsed in an existing current loop
- PC interface: virtual serial port
- Supply: out of USB connection
- USB specifikation: 2.0 compatible
- Protection: IP20
- Galvanical insulation: between USB and HART
- Case: ABS, 105x66x20 mm