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Mucosis Announces New Scientific Advisory Board

(PresseBox) (Groningen, ) Dutch biotechnology company Mucosis B.V. today announced that it has appointed professors Jiri Mestecky, M.D., Ph.D.; Willem van Eden, M.D., Ph.D.; and Peter J. Openshaw, M.B., B.S., Ph.D., F.Med.Sci., to its newly formed Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Mestecky is with the Department of Microbiology and Medicine at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA. His research is focused on molecular and cellular interactions that induce and regulate the mucosal immune system. Dr. van Eden is with the Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology of the Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. His research is focused on vaccines, infectious diseases and chronic inflammation. Dr. Openshaw is professor of experimental medicine and the director of the Centre for Respiratory Infection at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, London, UK and an honorary consultant physician at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. His research is focused on the immunology of the lung, viral lung disease, vaccination and immune-pathogenesis of viral disease.

"We have brought together an impressive group of international experts in virology, vaccinology and mucosal immunology to support the development of our pipeline of vaccine candidates," commented Kees Leenhouts, CSO of Mucosis. "This Board will provide valuable advice and counsel as our vaccine candidates progress through development and clinical testing. We thank this distinguished group for their participation and welcome their insights and contributions to our future success."

About Mimopath(TM) technology

The Mimopath(TM) technology is based on Lactococcus lactis, a safe bacterium commonly used in the food industry. Mucosis has developed a robust technique to formulate the L. lactis bacteria into non-living bacterium-like particles (BLPs) that can be loaded with antigens from viral, bacterial, parasitic or tumor origin. The antigen-covered BLPs form a vaccine that can be delivered into the nose or mouth, without the need for a needle. These vaccines raise protective immunity by activation of both the innate and the adaptive immune system.

Mucosis B.V.

Mucosis B.V. is a clinical-stage Dutch biotechnology company with a proprietary platform technology, Mimopath(TM) , on which it develops mucosal vaccines with improved efficacy. Mucosis's lead products are FluGEM(TM) , a vaccine to prevent influenza; PneuGEM(TM) , a vaccine to prevent diseases caused by pneumococcal bacteria; and SynGEM(TM) , a vaccine to prevent RSV viral infection. Mimopath(TM) -based vaccines can be administered needle-free in the nose and mouth, evoking a more natural immune response with a broader base of protection.