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New distribution cooperation enables increase in turnover

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- Mox ensures unique access to Greek distribution channel network
- Exclusive contract enables distribution network of 48.000 point-of-sales

Mox Telecom AG will supply kiosks and supermarkets in Greece with calling cards in collaboration with its reseller Better & Better. Better & Better and the Greek top-wholesaler for tobacco goods Stoumbos O.E. (a general partnership according to Greek law) agreed upon beginning of this year in Athens. The added, non calculated turnover potential of this cooperation is estimated to 3.0 – 4.0 million EUR in 2008.

Stoumbos O.E. is one of the 150 members of the Greek national tobacco wholesaling association. This national umbrella organisation associates a distribution network with more than 28.000 kiosks and 20.000 supermarkets throughout Greece. Furthermore, Mr Stoumbos, owner of the cooperated Stoumbos O.E., is the current Vice President of this association.

Due to the excellent successful relationship network of Better & Better, Mox achieved access to this all Greece covered distribution channel network by Stoumbos. The contract between Better & Better and Stoumbos is fixed for three years and focuses on an exclusive retail with Mox Calling Cards.

"This cooperation is the best birthday present for us", said Dr. Günter Schamel, executive board speaker and the company’s founder. "On 13th January we celebrated our 10th birthday and therefore we are one of the oldest telecommunication companies in Germany."

Mox Telecom AG expects a sales potential of 1.0 -1.5 million EUR p.a. and an EBIT of 0.15 million EUR p.a. for the first six months. The distribution starts with a national rollout in the region of Athens and will successively be expanded to other Greek areas then. Aimed target is to reach an absolute coverage of all of the 150 association’s members from the second half of the year 2008. For 2008, Mox achieved through this cooperation an unscheduled turnover up to 4.0 million EUR.

About Better & Better:
Better & Better is one of the leading consulting companies in Greece, specialised in Marketing & Communications. In addition to Mox the consulting company have current projects with Sony Ericsson, Display Fashion, Gino Coiffure, Alessandro International, Vanity Cosmetics etc.

Mox Telecom AG

The Mox Telecom Group is a global provider of international telephony in the business of developing needs based telecommunication products for low-cost, high quality mobile and fixed line telephony. The focus is target groups with a high need for international telephony. The company, founded in 1998, specialised early on in the development and sale of pre-paid telecommunication services and has since established itself as a leading provider in the market. Besides its main business activity, the calling card, the company has diversified, particularly in the area of mobile telephony at present. Alongside Germany and several other European countries Mox operates successfully in USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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