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Sagem Orga and EtherTrust deliver improved security to mobile users on the Internet

(PresseBox) (Barcelona, ) Sagem Orga today announced the availability of new SIM cards equipped with the TLS Tandem application, offering EAP TLS authentications over the Internet. This announcement results from a technical partnership with EtherTrust, a French company specialized in EAP authentications for Java and SIM cards. This new solution protects data downloads when using a mobile device.

Wireless communications offer real advantages over wired lines, but they do not always offer the same level of security. At the same time, the use of the IP protocol is now becoming pervasive, and users in both business and domestic environments are looking for solutions that will allow them to use their mobile phones as a common peripheral to access the Internet with a high level of security.

The SIM card is a proven authentication element used to ensure secure access to mobile operator networks. Recently, it has also become a secure element in complex emerging contactless applications and mobile TV. This solution is so far the first to enable to tracing of download activities on any Web site, without changing the site. This will make it possible for operators to develop new business models based on downloads.

In order to demonstrate the SIM card potential in a full IP environment, Sagem Orga has chosen to integrate the TLS Tandem technology from EtherTrust in a Simply ON card.TLS Tandem enables secure data downloads between an IP mobile device and a SSL platform.

This solution is similar to classical VPN tunneling methods; it combines a secured protocol encapsulation software technology with the highly secured hardware SIM card technology.

This strong security will be a key asset in the development of M-Commerce, providing end users and content or service providers with a "total insurance":

- In the security of the exchange mobile server
- In the preservation of digital privacy (traceable anonimity)
- In the enabling of remote administration of user certificates.

By putting this total security solution on the market, Sagem Orga offers mobile operators an evolution path for M-Commerce compatible with digital traceability requirements while also ensuring individual liberty.

At the 3GSM mobile world congress in Barcelona, Sagem Orga, in partnership with EtherTrust, will present the TLS Tandem solution in a live environment, using a mobile IP device and a Simply ON SIM card.

EtherTrust is a startup company founded by Pr. Pascal Urien and Pr. Guy Pujolle, who work in two major French research institutes, TELECOM ParisTech (member of Institute Telecom) and UPMC (Pierre and Marie Curie University). EtherTrust designs EAP trusted authentication software for Java and SIM smart cards. Today three methods are available, EAP-TLS, EAP-SIM and EAP AKA, running on standard 64KB Java Card platforms. These authentication modules are compatible with IEEE 802.16e (WiMAX) or LTE (Long Term Evolution) standards. TLS-TANDEM is a new technology, based on the SIM card, which controls and secures high-speed downloads from classical Web servers; security is based on the popular SSL protocol. This innovation solves critical issues for downloading such as authentication and traceability, and enables the use of SIM cards in today's Web applications. The mobile handset is equipped with a SIM module that securely manages the opening of the SSL session. After that, the session is transferred from the SIM card to the mobile handset, which then manages the secure data download. According to deployed security policies, the Web server may periodically check for the SIM's

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In the telecommunications sector, Sagem Orga's customers include the world's largest wireless carriers. Millions of people benefit from its custom-made solutions for GSM, CDMA and UMTS. With its security technology designed for the health, identification and banking industries, Sagem Orga protects people and their identities around the world and secures electronic communications between government agencies and the citizens and companies they serve. It offers solutions for biometric and electronic identification, electronic ID cards, health cards, drivers' licenses and cashless payment.

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