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Optimizing convergence of communication services

Sagem Orga SIM dongle "SIMply U" bundled with Dmailer Mobile enables flexible access to personal data

(PresseBox) (Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, ) With a USB key secured by a SIM card, smart card expert Sagem Orga offers a true convergence device to help mobile operators to meet their customers’ needs for ease of access to communications services anywhere and anytime.

In the converging world of communications technologies, the boundaries between mobile phones and PCs are disappearing, and mobile operators are facing the challenge of new players along the value chain. Their customers demand ease of access to any communications service from anywhere and with whatever device they use. Sagem Orga and its partners now offer a solution for operators to enable their customers – no matter which network access they use – to have continuity of services on the go:

- Management of personal PC data, including documents, multimedia content and PC work environments
- Use of communications services such as Voice over IP, IM, SMS/MMS, e-mails and Internet browsing

Secure and flexible data access is made possible by SIMply U – a USB key with a SIM inside. The SIM card is the cornerstone of security. Among other important tasks, it allows secure access to an operator’s network via any kind of access (2G, 3G, ADSL, WLAN, UMA, IMS, etc.) and thus access to services.

The solution consists of four components:

- The Java SIM by Sagem Orga is responsible for security. This comprises data and SIM card integrity (crypto features, hacking protections, etc.), user authentication procedures (local authentication by PIN and network authentication operations).
- SIMply U is available in many different forms and designs, making it an ideal marketing tool. The hardware comes from Xiring, provider of security solutions for remote transactions. Xiring has developed a high-end USB 2.0 driverless PC dongle with at least 2GB of flash memory that can be partitioned if needed and SIM-protected (in case a private memory partition is required, for example). Of course it is also equipped with a (U)SIM card reader and the suitable methods to manage the (U)SIM. The roadmap of this product is impressive regarding the number of smart features Xiring plans to integrate.
- Dmailer, the leading provider of portable backup and synchronization software solutions for mobile devices, provides Dmailer Mobile, the software suite of SIMply U, which can be seen as Simply U’s operating system. Thanks to Dmailer, all data, applications, user information and network connections are displayed in user-friendly menus and toolbars. Indeed, Dmailer Mobile manages your personal data (photos, videos, Word, Excel documents, PC wallpaper, browser URL, e-mails, etc.), including the automatic synchronization function between the user’s PC and the Simply U device.
- Numerous companies are also partnering with Sagem Orga for the communications service portion. Their role is to provide the software stack that enables the device to get access to the operator network using the SIM parameters for authentication.

How does SIMply U work? SIMply U is completely plug-and-play: When plugging the dongle into a PC, the user authenticates by entering the PIN code via a dedicated interface. The software framework is launched automatically and the user can easily manage data, control network connections and use communications services. The SIM card allows secure access to the operator’s network via any kind of network access, including WiFi, and the usage of services such as Voice over IP.

All personal data is synchronized automatically between the USB key and the PC. This is especially interesting for users who travel a lot, or who for any other reason work on different PCs. With SIMply U the data that the user has been working on is easily taken to another computer – without leaving a trace on any system, but saved on the SIMply U USB key and secured by the SIM.

About Dmailer
Established in 2001 and located in Marseille, France, Dmailer ( is a software company specialized in portable backup and synchronization solutions for a range of mobile devices, including USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard disk drives, mp3 players, embedded phone memory, SIM cards and flash based memory cards for mobile phones (miniSD, microSD, microSDHC, MMCmobile). The company’s flagship product, Dmailer V7, is currently available in eleven languages and is sold in over 100 countries worldwide. It is bundled with SanDisk, Western Digital and Lacie portable storage products on a worldwide basis.