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Callback application keeps roaming costs 40% below new EU price limit

Sagem Orga solution successfully launched by CallBlue GSM

(PresseBox) (Paderborn, ) Smart card expert Sagem Orga has developed a new SIM application, Callback, that can keep the costs of a call made from a mobile phone abroad by up to 40% below the new EU limited price policy. It is now being brought to the market by UK MVNO CallBlue GSM.

Whether travelling abroad on business or for leisure, high roaming charges for making or receiving calls have long been a significant concern. The topic has been under discussion within the EU for seven years, and it was only last month a new law was introduced by the EU to cut roaming costs by up to 70%. With its "Callback" application Sagem Orga now offers MVNOs and mobile operators a tool that enables them to give their customers the complete freedom to roam with a saving of up to 40% below the new EU price limit. In addition, the customer will have full cost transparency for making and receiving calls abroad, as an SMS is sent straight after each call informing the customer of the cost. The application also provides some of the lowest international call costs in countries beyond the EU.

How does Callback work?
When a user makes a call, the SIM application intercepts the call and sends a message to a call processor within the home network. The Callback processor then places a phone call back to the user. When they answer, the processor extends the call onto the number the calling party wants to be connected with. The two calls are then connected together by the Callback processor, and the phone call is set up. The response time of Callback is less than 10 seconds. After the call has ended, a text message informs the customer of the call charge.

Sagem Orga's Callback Solution is compatible with over 80% of all handsets and can be deployed worldwide. Callback is implemented on 64K and 128K Java SIMs.
CallBlue GSM, the British mobile network operator dedicated to global roaming, has implemented the Callback solution on their SIM cards and is expecting a growing market for this service. Al Rehmtulla, Chief Technical Officer, CallBlue GSM comments: "We have all travelled extensively both on business and for leisure, and realised that the traditional services most mobile networks offer for roaming are simply not good enough, in terms of quality and prices. With Sagem Orga's "Callback" solution, we believe we have brought a product to the market that addresses these current problems. Callback has shown to be an important service in terms of customer loyalty."

Sagem Orga is one of the pioneers and world leaders in the smart card sector. It leverages cutting-edge technologies to realize the visions of boundless mobile communication and integrated digital security.

In the telecommunications sector, Sagem Orga's customers include the largest wireless carriers around the world. Millions of people benefit from its in-depth know-how and tailor-made solutions for GSM, CDMA and UMTS. In the field of digital security, Sagem Orga protects the identity of citizens worldwide and secures electronic communications among government agencies, citizens and enter-prises. As a smart card expert, the company offers solutions for biometric and electronic identification, electronic ID cards, driver licenses and cashless payment.

Sagem Orga has a global network of subsidiaries, joint ventures, branch offices and sales partners, along with leading-edge production sites in Germany, France, China, Brazil, Russia, India and the U.S. The smart card expert employs more than 1,600 people worldwide. Sagem Orga is part of the interna-tional SAFRAN high-tech group. The group generates annual sales of more than 11 billion euros and has 61,000 employees in over 30 countries.

CallBlue GSM is a new wireless operator that is dedicated to the mobile roaming sector which launched last month. It is the first telecommunications company to have set up its own proprietary network as a complete mobile roaming service. By owning the technical infrastructure that underpins the service, CallBlue GSM has complete control over the call costs, quality, security and billing.

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