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Miele innovation: Compact 60 cm wide slot-in washer-disinfectors

Integrated fan drying saves space and ensures good reprocessing results

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) Miele is the first manufacturer to offer a 60 cm wide washer-disinfector with the integrated 'Dryer Plus' fan dryer for laboratories where space is at a premium. The G 7893 ensures extremely effective drying on the smallest of footprints.

Active drying guarantees that the items washed, even narrow-necked laboratory glassware, are reliably dried inside and out as dry air is injected into bottles, measuring flasks/cylinders and pipettes by injector nozzles. An integrated HEPA filter guarantees the purity of the air used for drying.

Users still have the same large loading capacity at their disposal, but the machine takes up considerably less space than other models because there is no need for a side unit containing a fan and heater bank. On the new G 7893 model, the heater bank is located in a duct behind the rear panel and the fan is in the base of the machine.

This freestanding unit, which can also be slotted into a run of cabinets, features Multitronic Novo Plus controls which ensure precise monitoring and control of all wash-cycle parameters. A test port allows a temperature probe to be used to monitor the temperature at various locations within the cabinet and on the load in order to ascertain whether disinfection temperatures have been maintained over the entire holding time. Two separate sensors ensure precise adherence to selected temperatures. Various programming options ensure that washing, disinfection and rinse results can be tailored to on-site requirements.