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Increased safety throughout the hospital

Miele at Medica: Reprocessing of robotic-assisted surgical instruments and soap dispensers

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) At Medica 2012 (14th to 17th November in Düsseldorf), Miele Professional will be presenting numerous innovations aimed at significantly reducing the risk of contamination in hospitals - and not just in CSSD. These include the RobotVario reprocessing system with which shafted instruments used in robotic-assisted surgery can be reprocessed with high safety margins in various washer-disinfectors. New, too, is a unique fine filter system for large-chamber decontamination units which is able to hold back even the most minute of particles in order to avoid the risk of a build-up of contamination inside lumened instruments. In Hall 12, Stand E 17 Miele will also be presenting a process dedicated to effectively cleaning and disinfecting soap and disinfectant dispensers.

The Miele-developed RobotVario system is particularly suited to the thorough reprocessing of instruments used in robotic-assisted surgery. Unbiased third-party investigations endorse the efficacy of this system. Up to 6 shafted instruments can be accommodated on board specially designed load carriages for washing and disinfecting in various Miele washer-disinfectors - including for the first time large-chamber decontamination units.

Miele's PerfectFineFilter is also a new and unique entry and represents a feature which all Miele's successful PG 8527/28 washer-disinfectors are fitted with ex works. Retrofitting on existing machines in the field is also a simple option. Miele's micro-filter system boasts a large surface area and extremely small pores which, with a diameter of only 0.2 mm, is able to effectively retain even the most miniscule of particles in circulation in the wash liquor. In the absence of a filter, such particles could easily clog and obstruct the narrow lumens on cannulae, resulting in a lack of patency and eventually in post-operative complications - above all in micro-surgery and ophthalmology.

To allow flexibility in coping with ever-changing instrument loads, Miele is due to launch its new E 900-6 load carriage for large-chamber decontamination units at the end of 2012 - a unit able to accommodate 19 DIN mesh trays on six levels. The outstanding feature of this carriage is that two levels can be removed when not needed. It also facilitates the reprocessing of lumened instruments as used in micro-invasive surgery, offering LuerLock connectors to ensure excellent internal irrigation and cleaning.

'How can I check whether instruments have been properly cleaned and disinfected most simply and quickly?' This issue is aptly addressed by the new ProCare Protein Check from Miele. A pen device is used to apply test fluid to an instrument. After a short wait, this is then rinsed off again under running water. If there is any protein residue still on the instrument, this is immediately indicated by the colour change.

As hygiene is high on the agenda throughout hospitals and not just in CSSD, Miele will be launching a system at the end of November for the safe interior cleaning of soap and disinfectant dispensers. These indubitably count among the most under-estimated sources of infection within the entire hospital. Miele's new approach consists of an undercounter washer-disinfector, a special reprocessing system which has undergone extensive field trials and a basket able to hold 12 dispensers per cycle. The reprocessing cycle, designed to be gentle on aluminium surfaces, last approx. 45 minutes. The regular cleaning of the insides of dispensers is recommended by manufacturers as these are subject to contamination and also suffer from a build-up of the skin remoisturising agents used in disinfectants.

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