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First professional dishwasher with fresh water system for glassware and cutlery

Perfect results in the shortest of times - Recommended by Riedel

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) To guarantee spotless glassware and cutlery, Miele will be launching the world's first specialised dishwasher operating on the fresh water circulation system on November 1, 2013: 'Brilliant' from Miele Professional produces immaculate results - without the need to complete the job by polishing by hand. Thanks to its high capacity, the new washer is ideal for bars and restaurant kitchens.

Alongside two inlet valves for hot and cold water, the new 'Brilliant' glassware and cutlery washer also has a third connection for fully or partially demineralised water. This water with a low mineral content is used during the rinse cycle in the new 'Glassware Special' programme which operates at a maximum temperature of 50°C to give a particularly gentle wash. Demineralised water prevents water stains and dispenses with the need to manually polish glassware. This is further supported by Perfect GlassCare, a feature which automatically ensures the ideal water hardness for glass, making thorough cleaning thoroughly gentle!

The new steam condenser significantly reduces the volume of hot, moisture-laden air released at the end of the washing and drying process. In combination with the new automatic AutoOpen function, this feature ensures that glassware and cutlery is effectively dried and cools down fast so that the machine can be speedily unloaded.

Among other components, a new electronic heater pump vouchsafes for gentle, reduced water pressure in glassware programmes. As the finely tuned system comprising AutoOpen drying, gentle wash action with softened water and the patented GlassCare function is ideal for fine stemware, the specialist Riedel glassware company even recommends the 'Brilliant' model to wash its high-quality wine glasses. The tried-and-tested fresh water circulation system for commercial dishwashers - involving an intake of fresh water in each phase of the washing and rinsing cycle - is only available from Miele Professional.

A further merit of this machine is its short cycle times. To benefit from this feature in full, connection to a 3-phase power supply and 65°C hot water is required. As the name implies, the 'Super Short' programme lasting only 5 minutes is particularly fast. This programme is able to increase throughput capacity and increase flexibility in everyday situations. This is further enhanced by the fact that freshwater dishwashers are able to cater for two baskets at once. Even 50 x 50 cm plastic baskets, previously only used in tank dishwashers, fit into the new 'Brilliant' model. This new fresh water dishwasher is able to complete up to 40 wash cycles per day in an extremely economical manner.

Excellent user convenience is guaranteed by the new and patented door salt container with a capacity of 2 kg of salt. This tank is located in the door and is no longer tucked away below the cabinet. This makes refilling the salt container extremely simple: it can be done without the need to bend or stoop and without having to remove the lower basket, which may well be heavy and fully loaded. Even greater convenience is offered by AutoClose: This new door closure system automatically shuts the door before the start of a programme.

The new console with its centred display providing a smooth and crevice-free surface guarantees a simple user interface. 13 programmes, including special cycles for cutlery and beer glasses, are selected via touch controls. Important parameters can be modified by users - working, of course, in the language of their choice. The three most frequently used programmes can be saved as favourites and launched at the touch of a fingertip using the quick selection button. And: As there are no longer any protruding knobs and switches on the control panel, cleaning is both hygienic and simple.

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