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Microrite Webinar on Investigating Mold Contaminations Announced

Wed, Nov 14 2012 -- 1:30-3:30 PM EST

(PresseBox) (San Jose/CA, USA, ) Microrite Inc today announced final details of its latest webinar, Investigating Mold Contaminations, set for Nov 14 2012. All quality assurance, quality control microbiologists, manufacturing managers, and health, facility, or medical industry professionals and vendors tasked in this area are encouraged to signup. []

Focus of the webinar:

As seen in 2012, mold can cause serious illness or even death. Investigating mold contamination thoroughly is an imperative process for any healthcare and life science related industry. Not all molds are the same, behave and propagate the same way, or react to disinfectants in the same manner.

Mold contaminations are the least understood. Often mold contamination is not discovered until it has made its presence known in the cleanroom in large quantities or has ended in the product circumventing antimicrobial efficacy.

Industries that will benefit from this training are:

Pharmacies, hospitals, food, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device, drug/device combination products, cosmetics, invitro diagnostics, and related suppliers. In addition, companies that use refrigeration as a storage method, or those that use wood pallets or other cellulose-based materials, will greatly benefit from this training.

Who should attend:

Quality assurance, quality control microbiologists, facilities, manufacturing managers, and other health or medical industry professionals and related vendors.

Session includes:

- Understand why investigating mold contamination can be difficult without proper knowledge of mold & controlled environments
- Understanding the 3 major groups of mold found in cleanrooms
- Knowing how variants within each group differ in nature & structure
- Simple keys to understand various mold & the locations they can grow
- Why fungal identification results could be misleading
- Common contaminants in facilities that can proliferate if not controlled
- How different groups react to different disinfectants
- Clinical relevance of environmental isolates
- Points to consider when investigating mold contamination
- Why excessive cleaning & disinfection is not the solution when it comes to cleanroom contamination by mold

Who will be teaching:

Ziva Abraham is a known microbial contamination control expert and a trained mycologist has educated industry on fungal identification for over a decade. Her understanding of the origin and behavior of mold makes her a well-respected investigator for mold contaminations.

Ziva has over 25 years of academic, research, clinical and industrial experience in microbiology, and quality assurance. She has trained personnel from various industries in microbiology techniques and methods. Ziva has received her master's degree in microbiology, and has conducted research on developing microbial insecticides during her graduate studies, working mainly with fungi. She has established clinical lab systems in Israel, and Microrite, Inc., a consulting company based in San Jose CA, that helps pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies.

Microrite Inc

Microrite focuses on helping companies with contamination control, microbiological quality control for sterile and nonsterile manufacturing, quality assurance and validation. Ziva has also developed "Bactispell," a microbiology spellchecker to spell check genus and species names of microbes and other microbiology related terms. She is a mentor for graduate students at Stanford University, working through the American Woman in Science Organization (AWIS). She is involved in Expanding Your Horizons, a program through the Math and Scientific Network, to educate young girls about careers in science. Ziva served on the editorial board of Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum (PMF) Newsletter.