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Smart Migration for the future of Public Transportation

ORIT® - new ICOM AEG Adapter “IRIS” - compatible to TELECAR 10, mobile analysis tools for traffic light control telegrams (R09) integrated to the hand-held radio “RITA”, new analysis Software, …

(PresseBox) (Bad Salzuflen, ) ORIT® a brand of Meretec Technologies GmbH, a leading supplier of coordinated products for communication and analysis for public transportation announced today that they will present their various new products and developments at the PMRExpo held in Cologne from November 22nd to 24th 2011.

"A particular highlight is ORIT® "IRIS", an ICOM AEG adapter for a Plug & Play replacement of the analog radios or upgrade to the newest digital voice radio. This helps our clients to stay compatible to the analog infrastructure, but will also be prepared for the digital future!", explains Mr. Friedrichsmeier.

This adapter enables the use of up-to-date exchange units for the previously discontinued Telecar 9/ -10 radios from AEG and other suppliers. This solution is already built in 'ILSE die Funkbox", but also available as a stand-alone product with an integrated 12V/24V voltage transducer. The advantage here is, that just one casing has to be placed in the vehicle without any further alteration to the vehicle; the voltage transducer of the Telecar series was always build in with a further casing of the same size.

The new handheld radio device "RITA", an ORIT® firmware equipped ICOM handheld radio for digital and analog voice radio, shows simultaneously and itemized the received and decoded analog R09.xx telegrams. On the Display it shows the route, the course and the reporting point.

Fittingly to RITA are corresponding software applications for the analysis and transmission of the telegrams. Whether a R09.xx telegram has to be tested or examined if they are sending the correct messages, the use of RITA will support your service staff in analyzing the radio telegrams for traffic light controls for public transportation always and everywhere.

Even in the future analog private mobile radio will convince as a professional form of communication for public transportation. Investment protection is ensured with the "ILSE" product family because ORIT® offers radios already equipped for digital voice and data transmission.

"ILSE die Funkbox" & "ILSE die Funkkasette 3" are designed as voice and data radios for public transportation - compatible to AEG Telecar 9/ -10, Bosch MR 11 and Siemens FMK. Particular attention was paid to mechanical and thermal stresses, which will occur more by the use in public transportation, than in any other fields. Whether it is for voice only radio or additional data radio, the solution of ORIT® is ILSE a product that will grow with the demands.

Individualized customization are granted for ORIT® and therefore customers will profit significantly in terms of planning, implementation and energy costs, and also the maintenance and preservation of their current infrastructure.

Visit ORIT® on the PMRExpo held from 22nd to 24th November 2011 in Cologne, Hall 10.2 on the ICOM booth B 40. A free admission ticket can be requested at

Meretec Technologies GmbH

ORIT® - a brand of MERETEC Technologies GmbH is a pioneer and responsible for innovations of coordinated products for communication and analysis for public transportation. Compatible to various radio systems and interfaces, or the digital devices of the ETSI standard we enable a smart migration into the future. Whether the modernization of the existing system or the conversion from analog to digital, ORIT® stands for Products which will get you further. Starting with the IBIS Carriage BUS, to the complex R09.xx telegrams, and further on to complex traffic control systems, ORIT® offers a variety of solutions for transport authorities.