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Mini Turbo Loader Telemetry for Vehicles

(PresseBox) (Spaichingen, ) The energy consumption of the little-noted auxiliary motor units (air conditioning compressor, generator, oil pump, etc. ) is considerable. In the case of inefficient vehicle management, this can take away up to 15% of the motor power.

To optimize the driving power, knowing the torque values is very important, dynamically and statically. Manner has developed special technology for refining the standard pulleys on the air-conditioning compressor to form a high-quality, high-resolution torque sensor with a precision class of 0.2 with built-in overload protection. The sensor is built into the pulley and has no feedback effect on the overall behavior of the auxiliary motor units. The key element is a specially constructed sensor with extremely low crosstalk behavior from the axial, bending and lateral force load. The measuring data of the strain-gauge-based sensor is transmitted wirelessly via the proven digital sensor telemetry technology with 16-bit resolution from Manner. A special feature is the high temperature stability of 160°C, as well as the low temperature drift and high operational stability while the vehicle is running.