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Rudolf Diesel—his idea is still moving mountains

MAN celebrating the 150th birthday of the inventive genius

(PresseBox) (München, ) March 18, 2008, is the 150th birthday of Rudolf Diesel, the inventor who at the close of the 19th century at Maschinenfabrik Augsburg under the management of the then CEO Heinrich von Buz, developed the diesel engine to its ready-for-production stage. This important engineering innovation played a major role in advancing global industrialization and mobility, and even today the MAN Group, as the successor to Maschinenfabrik Augsburg, is largely benefiting from this invention. "Rudolf Diesel s invention is at the very roots of our business and the success we are currently enjoying. Even after over a century, the diesel engine is still a highly modern product with a level of efficiency unachieved by other heat or combustion engines," says Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen, CEO of MAN Diesel, in the market for large-bore diesel engines the world leader. On the occasion of this milestone event, MAN Diesel, the birthplace of the engine by that name, and the city of Augsburg are holding an official ceremony at the city hall besides organizing a special exhibition at the MAN Museum devoted to the life and impact of this inventive genius.

Presently some 50 percent of goods traded worldwide are hauled by modes of transportation powered by MAN Diesel engines. Every other sea-going vessel has an MAN marine diesel. Currently MAN Diesel is designing the biggest-ever diesel engine with an output of 115,000 hp and destined to move gigantic container ships. Additionally, the Nürnberg-based truck engine plant manufactures annually more than 110,000 state-of-the-art vehicle diesel engines. "We believe in the power of new technologies," says Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of MAN. "MAN has become big through far-sighted entrepreneurs and talented inventors like Rudolf Diesel."

What could be more fitting than that MAN, just as Rudolf Diesel, is celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2008. MAN s foundation stone was laid in 1758 with the opening of "St. Anthony" ironworks in Oberhausen which employed a workforce of eight. This year, 2008, as the oldest DAX-listed company, MAN is celebrating 250 years of industrial history. So, MAN has double reason to celebrate and Diesel's birthday is an appropriate date for the launch of numerous anniversary events. Among the highlights: the MAN veteran and vintage car rally from Munich via Augsburg to Nürnberg in June and the birthday party in the Munich Residence on October 17, 2008, to be attended by one thousand guests from the world of politics, business, and culture.

MAN s history is as varied as are its products: from the early years in the coal, iron and steel industry of the Ruhr region via the initial development of printing presses, the construction of the Wuppertal suspension railway, the fitting-out of the European ARIANE launch vehicle to world market leadership in propulsion technology. "Thanks to Rudolf Diesel, MAN has taken enormous strides forward. As his successors, our engineers are busily working on the propulsion systems of tomorrow," says Håkan Samuelsson. In January 2008, MAN Diesel was awarded for its gas engine, fitted with the newly developed Performance Gas Ignition, the Innovation Prize of German Business. This is an engine merging the merits of a high-efficiency diesel with those of the eco-friendly Otto principle.


The MAN Group is one of Europe's foremost industrial players in the sector of Transport-Related Engineering, with sales in 2007 of some €15.5 billion. As a supplier of trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbo machinery and industrial services, MAN employs a workforce of around 55,000 worldwide. The MAN business areas hold leading positions in their markets. MAN AG, Munich, is listed in the DAX (German Stock Index) which comprises the thirty leading stock corporations in Germany.