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How to edit MP3 with a free MP3 Editor

(PresseBox) (Beijing, ) Summary: Macsome Audio Editor is a free MP3 Editor, enabling us to free edit MP3 at will. Split MP3, cut MP3, crop MP3, trim MP3, convert MP3, set special sound effects on MP3, or even edit ID3 tags of MP3, all these can be well done by this freeware.

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Nowadays, we always encounter situations which require us to edit MP3 audio files, such as cutting MP3 music for our favorite part or setting special sound effects on MP3 audio files. To meet such simple requirements, a free MP3 Editor is best for us. Well, here I will introduce a totally free MP3 Editor - Macsome Audio Editor. As a free software for MP3 editing, its functions are powerful and plenty for us. Split MP3, trim mp3, cut mp3, set special sound effects on MP3, edit ID3 tags of MP3, convert MP3, or convert to MP3, all these MP3 editing measures can be well done by Macsome Audio Editor. Besides, this software supports editing AAC audio format as well. It is a real multi-functional free MP3 Editor. Want to know more, please visit []

Then, how to edit MP3 with this MP3 Editing freeware.

The operations are quite easy. The following are brief steps on how to edit MP3. And every one will find how easy it is to edit MP3 with this freeware.

Step1. Add MP3 audio into the file list of this MP3 Editor by pressing "Add" button. Its intuitive interface shows us all its main functions.

Step2. Click Play button to play the imported MP3.

Step3. Press Start button to mark the starting point for the audio part we want.

Step4. Press End button to mark the end point for the audio part we want.

Now we just have finishing selecting the MP3 audio part we want to edit. The selected MP3 part starts from the starting point we marked to the end point.

Now we can freely edit the selected audio part.

Split MP3, Cut MP3, crop MP3 or trim MP3

Click "Crop" button to remove non-selected audio parts, so that we can keep our favorite selected MP3 part.

Click "Del" - Delete button to remove our selected audio part.

Convert MP3

When save the edited MP3 format, choose the output format you want. Macsome Audio Editor supports MP3, AAC and WAV as the output formats. So we can convert MP3 to WAV, and convert MP3 to W4A.

Set special sound effects on MP3

On the intuitive interface of Macsome Audio Editor, we can find "Increa", "Decrea", "Fadein","Fadeout" on the top of the software easily.

1. Press "Increa" to increase the volume of the selected part.

2. Press "Decrea" to decrease the volume of the selected part.

3. Press "Fadein" to ramp up the volume of the selected part.

4. Press "Fadeout" to ramp down the volume of the selected part.

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