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Latest Mobile Local Search Index Shows Tech Savvy Consumers Want Wireless Internet

Figures show rapid growth in mobile local search adoption

(PresseBox) (Cambridge, ) Figures released today by m-spatial reveal that consumers are becoming more technologically savvy when it comes to connecting to the Internet on the move. The m-spatial Winter/Spring Mobile Local Search Index charts local searches made on mobile phones in the first quarter of 2007, and highlights the increased convergence of fixed and mobile consumer services, and the growing appreciation from consumers of the breadth of information available.

With an abundance of Internet cafes and more and more businesses offering Wi-Fi access, from coffee shops to airport lounges, the Index shows ever greater numbers of consumers are relying on their mobiles to discover these locations. Consumers also demonstrated their increasing awareness of the value of mobile local search services not just when away from home, but for regular use in their local area for categories such as traffic information, live travel updates and even what’s on at the local cinema. For example, the survey highlighted a 100% increase in consumers checking traffic cameras, enabling them to plan routes and miss traffic blackspots, even on familiar journeys.

Cinema searches still top the index, with Odeon and Cineworld swapping positions at the top of the brand charts, while Halfords has entered the top 10 brand searches; a sure sign that spring is here as people invest in bikes.

The Index again highlights that consumers are using their mobiles to look for more esoteric things. Lime kilns, toilet hire, diving services, marine engineers, genealogists and historians, model villages and animal transportation are just some of the more obscure searches amongst the hundreds of thousands carried out this quarter.

Commenting on the results, Andy Walker, CEO of m-spatial said: “The Index again highlights the breadth of local content that users are demanding while on the move. Perhaps more significantly, this quarter’s search index highlights the growing trend of repeat usage of mobile local search services with consumers increasingly realising the value of search, not only when in an unfamiliar area, but on a regular basis near home, when making regular journeys and when planning a night out. This is a significant step in the development and mass market adoption of local search.”

m-spatial ltd

Based in Cambridge, UK, m-spatial is the market leader in converged local search - connecting consumers to ‘local’ businesses and information via mobile phones and personal navigation devices. m-spatial provides its products via a white label ASP delivery model to mobile network operators, directory providers and personal navigation providers.
Its international customers include Orange, Vodafone, O2 and Seat PagineGialle, Italy’s leading directory provider. m-spatial’s innovative and unique approach to mobile local search delivers a ‘made for mobile’ user experience which offers consumers quick and simple access to both a breadth and depth of ‘local’ information including businesses, amenities, events and traffic conditions and is compatible with the majority of mobile devices. Converged local search also offers ‘on the move’ access to the same information for businesses and amenities identified via local information channels such as third party web-sites and 118/411 directory services.