LS telcom proudly presents its major state-of-the-art CHIRplus_BC software release version 5.2.0.

Lichtenau, (PresseBox) - Make your life easier and rely on CHIRplus_BC v5.2.0 release for THE most modern, most efficient and fastest broadcast networking planning and coordination! Benefit from all the latest features and functions indispensable for up-to-date expert broadcasting:

- Fully-fledged GE06 integration
CHIRplus_BC v5.2.0 is a unique software fully supporting the complete GE06 agreement:optimise and protect your broadcast network now also including BRIFIC access and compatibility check for other services
- Save a terrific amount of calculation time and increase your performance considerably!
- Reduce the calculation time for time-critical field strength or network wide calculations by distributing the calculation process on several computers
- Gain from the enhanced macro capability for repetitive calculation tasks: simply press one button to start complex network planning batch jobs!
- Take advantage of the innovative reload scenario capabilities to shorten and increase efficiency of project-oriented work
- Never lag behind!
- Latest ITU-R Recommendation P.1812 and P.1546-3 included (with participation from LS telcom experts in the respective ITU study group)
- Benefit from the superior Weekly Circular Update (WIC) function to compare the BR IFIC publications to your database with even more ease and speed than before
- Mobile TV
- Updated Planning parameters for DVB-H and T-DMB
- New Look and Feel of GUI
- Google Earth: further export possibilities including vector format and measurement data
- New improved display and overlay functions including extended interface to the IDWM from ITU
- Special for our American customers: FCC propagation model for VHF / UHF and RJ81 and FCC propagation functions for medium waves

Over 50 of our customers have already received this major release as part of their maintenance contract.

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