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HSM Hyper Sensitivity Mode for Line Type Heat Detection System d-LIST

(PresseBox) (Isen, ) The requirements of European Standard EN 54-5, class-1, are fulfilled by the default parameters of the line type heat detector d-LIST, SCU 800 sensor control unit and SEC 15 sensor cable.

In many special applications, the ambient temperatures are relatively consistent. The response times for fire recognition can now be reduced significantly by activating the Hyper Sensitivity Mode (HSM) in the SCU 800 control unit.

In this mode, a main alarm is already triggered, as soon as the differential pre-alarm threshold is exceeded in two subsequent measuring cycles.

This rule is only applicable, if one or a small number of sensors show an increase in temperature, and the rest of sensor temperatures remain constant.

HSM is suitable for high sensitivity monitoring of cable trays e.g. in voids, high rooms, as well as for the early recognition of overheated idlers in conveying systems.