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4A, 2.3V-5V DC/DC uModule Regulator Has Low 2.3mm Profile & Tiny 1.3cm2 Footprint

(PresseBox) (Ismaning, ) Linear Technology Corporation introduces a new DC/DC uModule regulator that operates from lower voltage input supplies and occupies only 1.35cm2 of board area. The LTM4604 is the latest device in the LTM4600 family, and is a complete 4A regulator system with onboard controller, power switches, inductor and bypass capacitors enclosed and protected in an 9mm x 15mm LGA package. This DC/DC uModule regulator has a profile (height) of only 2.3mm and weighs a mere 0.86g. The device operates from an input supply range of 2.35V to 5.5V, regulates an output voltage from 0.8V to 5V, and achieves 93% efficiency when converting a 3.3V input to 2.5V output at up to 4A.

With a profile of only 2.3mm, the LTM4604 is specifically designed as a compact point-of-load DC/DC solution for applications requiring ultra-thin packaging such as RAID systems and single-board computers using PCI or PCI Express. Moreover, the compact size, low profile and light weight allow the LTM4604 to be mounted on the back side of a printed circuit board, freeing space on the top side for FPGAs, ASICs, memory and other ICs.

The LTM4604 is a complete, compact and high reliability DC/DC point-of-load solution for systems that need to step-down input supply rails such as 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V or Li-Ion battery with precise regulation and excellent thermal performance. The device features a current mode architecture for fast transient response, short-circuit protection and excellent line and load regulation. In addition, it offers output voltage tracking for controlled ramp-up/ramp-down and supply sequencing. Also included are a power-good output signal to indicate whether the output voltage is in or out of regulation and protection circuitry for short-circuit and overtemperature conditions.

The LTM4604 is rated for operation from -40ºC to 85ºC. The LTM4604 is RoHS compliant and like all Linear Technology DC/DC uModule regulators, can be assembled with a standard surface mount reflow process with Pb-based or Pb-free solder paste. For a complete review of Linear Technology's uModule DC/DC regulator products, including the previously released 6A to 12A, 4.5V to 28V devices, visit

Photo Caption: 2.3VIN - 5.5VIN, 4A uModule DC/DC Regulator

Summary of Features: LTM4604
- Complete Low Voltage DC/DC Power Supply System
- Tiny and Thin 9mm x 15mm x 2.3mm LGA
- 2.35V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
- 0.8V to 5V Output
- 4A DC, 5A Peak Output Current
- Output Voltage Tracking


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