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LieberLieber Software: LemonTree learns Japanese

(PresseBox) (Vienna, ) Building on healthy demand, LieberLieber LemonTree is now poised to conquer the Japanese market with the support of a key local partner. Meanwhile, the latest Release 1.3 brings even more improvements in speed and stability. LieberLieber’s product improvement and internationalization once again go hand-in-hand to further strengthen sales success.

The industry's interest in LieberLieber LemonTree, the revolutionary diff & merge tool for model-based development projects, continues to grow. Among the most well-known customers are Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Hima, Infineon, McLaren, Mitsubishi Electric, Schaeffler, Toll Collect, Valeo and ZF Friedrichshafen, to name a few. This success has drawn great interest from partners who can now appease their customers' appetite for the huge time savings and added security that LemonTree brings to the table - now on the menu under "fresh model versioning" at Sparx Systems Japan. "Enterprise Architect is very well-known in Japanese industry. We have seen a continual increase in requests for a convenient solution to merge the different versions that result when developers work in teams on the same UML/SysML models. Our excellent relationship with LieberLieber has existed for some time, and we were able to test LemonTree in detail. We quickly made the decision to serve LemonTree to the Japanese market, which we are confident is the best model versioning solution to meet the needs of agile-minded customers as they continue to grow with their model-based software development," explains Takeshi Kouno of Sparx Systems Japan. In addition to its offices in Europe and the USA, this partner agreement with Sparx Systems Japan represents another logical step toward the truly international, customer-oriented marketing and distribution of LemonTree.

LemonTree 1.3 with optimized performance

Given the close cooperation with customers, LieberLieber is able to quickly learn which improvements are especially relevant and in demand. The same applies to improvements in LemonTree 1.3, whereby feedback was extensively evaluated and prioritized, and subsequent upgrades realized. “Among our promises to the customer is that we strive to continually make improvements to LemonTree according to current requirements. Since we are always working on customer projects, we quickly find out what the market expects of us. These requirements flow into release planning and are part of the ongoing refinement process,” explains Dr. Konrad Wieland, Product Manager at LieberLieber. In the latest release, all relevant improvements were carried out in addition to performance and stability optimizations (see box). The result is active support for LemonTree customers in creating correct, valid models, which is decisive when it comes to generating code from the model. All of this does justice to LieberLieber’s goal of making model-based development even easier while improving the quality of the resulting models.

LemonTree 1.3, the latest release, is now available. We would be happy to arrange a call or online conference to allow you learn more about LemonTree and its areas of application. We can help your team to efficiently merge their models and thereby greatly reduce the time needed to complete important projects.

More information about LemonTree:

See a demonstration video here:


LieberLieber LemonTree 1.3 in detail

Along with performance and stability optimization, LemonTree 1.3 has been released with the following improvements: 

Dependent changes: Consideration of existing dependencies affected by manual intervention in the merge process.
Swimlanes are now shown in their correct order following the merge procedure
Improved SVN integration functionality (SVN Hooks no longer used)
Error-free model development with Git integration
Rectification of error related to ports and their types (classifier + redefined port)
Logging function optimized
Improved user interface

LieberLieber Software GmbH

LieberLieber Software was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with offices in Germany, Slovakia and the USA. LieberLieber operates within a variety of industries in the field of model-based software engineering, offering specialized products and services to users of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and other well-known UML/SysML software modeling tools.

LieberLieber represents a single source of competence for model-based software development and systems engineering, with years of experience in consulting, scope analysis, creation of individualized solutions, tool chain integration, specialized training and high-level support.

LieberLieber is also well-known for its innovation and advances in the software engineering domain. LieberLieber Embedded Engineer for Enterprise Architect combines automated source-code generation with debugging on the model level and is a veritable revolution in software development. LieberLieber LemonTree is a fresh new model diff & merge tool that boosts productivity in the working environments of distributed development teams while supporting adherence to industry and regulatory standards.

LieberLieber cooperates closely with renowned research institutions and universities to research and create model-based software solutions of the future.

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