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Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics of Pumps and Systems

ACHEMA 2009: LEWA NetPort@l®

(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) All equipment is subject to natural wear - process diaphragm pumps and systems must undergo maintenance and service work based on their duty conditions and operating hours. The key question: just when is the "right" time to service them? Utilizing the LEWA NetPort@l® telemonitoring system and the know-how of many experts (including external experts), LEWA is implementing a practicebased system for remote monitoring and avoidance of system failures.

The idea for this telemonitoring system product came from a workshop with customers in the field of gas odorization. This is a process performed for the municipal market, where a very strong and penetrating odorant ("alarming," "aggressive") is mixed in with the originally odorless natural gas.

The workshop recognized a clear trend - requirements were intensifying in terms of technology, availability and costs. There was a short and clearly outlined list of tasks and issues: how could LEWA and how could operators of natural gas odorization systems reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in operating the installed pump systems? Since system costs are more or less fixed, this approach also addressed reductions in the operating, maintenance, and service costs incurred by operators.

In this field, the usual practice is to provide customer service that covers repairs and maintenance work based on a maintenance schedule. More efficient, of course, are maintenance and service as a function of the system's actual state. But how can one determine the "individual" state of a system that might be installed at a faraway location and cannot be continually monitored by employees?

To meet this need, LEWA now offers NetPort@l®, a system providing greater availability by staged communication solutions, including telemonitoring. "Staged communication solutions" include a telephone hotline and the support of an expert network (consisting of LEWA specialists and partner companies). These "Shared Experts" are available to the user around the clock with in-depth knowhow and fundamental information that is relevant to decision making. This is done in real time, in every corner of the world - and so it saves on travel costs, too.

Last, but not least, the LEWA Service Team - which performs on-site repair and maintenance tasks - gets comprehensive information on the system state beforehand so that it can bring the right replacement parts.

What do users have to say about this solution? A pilot system for a German energy supplier has been in successful operation since fall 2008 - and the project leader expressed a high level of satisfaction: "By using NetPort@l® we realized considerable financial and organizational benefits. The ability to quickly call up system documentation lets us verify, at any time, that everything is operating troublefree technically. When faults do occur, this logged data proves to be very helpful and avoids costs. NetPort@l® is really a key prerequisite for evaluating the system."


- Company name: LEWA GmbH (founded in 1952)
- Owner: Deutsche Beteiligungs AG; Quadriga Capital
- Chairman of the management board: Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Kfm. Bernd M. Stütz
- Headquarters: Leonberg/Germany
- More than 15 affi liated companies worldwide
- Sales in 90 countries
- Employees: worldwide 700 (420 in Leonberg)
- Turnover: approx. 145 million Euros / year

LEWA is a leading supplier of precision metering pumps, high-performance process diaphragm pumps as well as complete metering systems and metering packages. The company is counted among the competence leaders in fl uid metering worldwide.

The technically demanding metering- and process diaphragm pumps manufactured by LEWA are particularly used for critical processes and safety-relevant applications. The company has identifi ed eight business sectors as prime markets: Oil & gas (especially up-stream) / chemical industry & petrochemistry / pharmaceutical & cosmetics industry / food & beverages / plastics / detergents / energy & environment / special applications (e.g. gas odourisation).

The LEWA core-expertise also includes many years of experience in international project management, the on-site presence worldwide, the fi rst-class service and the customer support in the after sales fi eld.

Via the regional sales organisations LEWA also sells products of other reknown manufacturers on the European market mostly.

For example:

Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, rotating displacement pumps (e.g. rotary pumps, gear pumps, screwand eccentric screw pumps) as well as centrifugal pumps of stainless steel and plastics.

With more than 15 affi liated companies and many authorised representatives the user can fi nd LEWA establishments and LEWA cooperation partners in all important countries.