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Creating Fluid Solutions - with a combination of consultation, technology and service competence

ACHEMA 2009: LEWA pursues goal of long-term customer relationships

(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) In principle, all machine-building companies are faced with the same challenge: products are generally interchangeable, and so the celebrated USP ("unique selling proposition") - of offering unique products with incomparable performance - must pin its hopes on the world of marketing.

Naturally, some do exist - excellent innovations - but there is a high probability that they will not remain exclusive for long after the market reacts positively to them. In a global market, any product that enjoys even a moderate degree of success draws competition like a magnet, and this puts growing pressure on attainable margins.

This is the situation for companies that look upon themselves as "component manufacturers" or "vendors." They develop a product, but then they leave it to planners, system builders and operators to figure out the rest. Generally, a "vendor" does not know where or how its products are being used by operators. An entirely different position is taken by companies that view themselves as partners to their customers, who work together with operators to analyze their specific production methods and processes and seek ways to exploit optimization potentials. Ideally, they even meet beforehand, faceto- face, to offer consultation on system design. And they perform key operational and maintenance tasks during later system operation. These are the "solution providers," who are willing to accept a position of responsibility - and that is how LEWA positions itself in the market.

Many years ago, LEWA began its transition from technology supplier to solution provider ("Creating Fluid Solutions"), and it considers its market success today as more than ample proof that this was the correct choice.

A company cannot become a solution provider just by offering a few good services. Instead, LEWA builds upon a closed loop of services - customer consultation, development, production, and a global service network. This loop is not just part of its organizational structure but is firmly embedded in its corporate culture as well. Only such an integrated loop can guarantee a continually good flow of information and therefore more need-based innovation for customers and optimal advancement of its broad array of special competencies. Also employed here are professional R&D tools such as simulation programs for component optimization and modern computational methods such as the Finite Element Method (FEM). This makes it possible to extrapolate beyond assured known ranges while managing risks.

The necessary foundation for such positioning and for the company's recognized stature in the market is that LEWA does not just focus on pump technology. To satisfy growing customer requirements, its system solutions also integrate developments from technologically related fields such as process engineering, fluid dynamics, control engineering, mechatronics, IT and communications technology as well as knowledge of machine ergonomics and user guidance.

Moreover, the company systematically acquires external knowledge: LEWA benefits - and therefore so do users - from the latest scientific knowledge acquired in the context of joint VDMA (German Engineering Federation) research and in the company's collaboration with research institutes and universities.


- Company name: LEWA GmbH (founded in 1952)
- Owner: Deutsche Beteiligungs AG; Quadriga Capital
- Chairman of the management board: Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Kfm. Bernd M. Stütz
- Headquarters: Leonberg/Germany
- More than 15 affi liated companies worldwide
- Sales in 90 countries
- Employees: worldwide 700 (420 in Leonberg)
- Turnover: approx. 145 million Euros / year

LEWA is a leading supplier of precision metering pumps, high-performance process diaphragm pumps as well as complete metering systems and metering packages. The company is counted among the competence leaders in fl uid metering worldwide.

The technically demanding metering- and process diaphragm pumps manufactured by LEWA are particularly used for critical processes and safety-relevant applications. The company has identifi ed eight business sectors as prime markets: Oil & gas (especially up-stream) / chemical industry & petrochemistry / pharmaceutical & cosmetics industry / food & beverages / plastics / detergents / energy & environment / special applications (e.g. gas odourisation).

The LEWA core-expertise also includes many years of experience in international project management, the on-site presence worldwide, the fi rst-class service and the customer support in the after sales fi eld.

Via the regional sales organisations LEWA also sells products of other reknown manufacturers on the European market mostly.

For example:

Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, rotating displacement pumps (e.g. rotary pumps, gear pumps, screwand eccentric screw pumps) as well as centrifugal pumps of stainless steel and plastics.

With more than 15 affi liated companies and many authorised representatives the user can fi nd LEWA establishments and LEWA cooperation partners in all important countries.