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New sizes for small spaces: KTR supplements its product portfolio of backlash-free miniature couplings

"Being introduced on the occasion of the Motek 2013: ROTEX® GS Compact sizes 8, 13 and 16

(PresseBox) (Rheine, ) With ROTEX® GS KTR Kupplungstechnik provides the manufacturers of machines and plants with a backlash-free and flexible jaw coupling for universal purpose which is used on many different kinds of applications throughout the world. The coupling specialist from Rheine has recently extended its portfolio of backlash-free flexible couplings in the miniature range by the sizes 8, 13 and 16.

Part of the benefits of the backlash-free miniature couplings is the limited space that is required: The new types are shorter than the standard series by up to 1/3. The optimum design and maximum torques of the couplings were calculated by extensive tests on our in-house test benches.

The spiders of the new types are available in the Shore hardness 80Sh-A, 98Sh-A and 64Sh-D. The different kinds of elastomer hardness allow to easily adjust torsional stiffness, vibration characteristics and definitely the torque to the individual demands of the application. Subject to the drilled spiders the shafts can be inserted into the coupling more deeply so that they require extremely few axial space, i. e. less mounting space.

The main applications of the new backlash-free miniature couplings are precision drives in automation and linear technology as well as drives with small-power motors and servo motors in measurement technology as well as medical and laboratory technology.

Currently the range of precision drives notes a heavily increasing demand. Part of the criteria advancing this development is the mounting space in machines and plants which is becoming more and more narrow while the drives are supposed to provide high torques and speeds. In addition the final customer of the machine requires a high degree of energy efficiency. The growing demands on power can be met by miniaturized electric drives easy to control. Here backlash-free miniature couplings are an important precondition for a reliable, long-life and accurate operation of these drives. In this case the backlash-free miniature couplings of the ROTEX® GS series have set standards for many years.

KTR will introduce the new types on the occasion of the Motek 2013 for the first time. It is worthile having a closer look!