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KREYENBORG melt pumps: Long-lasting with the processing of wood polymer composites (WPC)

(PresseBox) (Münster, ) Worldwide wood polymer composites (WPC) are on the advance.By the addition of fillers like wood fibres or -powder a considerable reduction of the material price and an optimisation of the mechanical features can be realized. The use of the weather resistant wood polymer composites instead of tropical or precious woods resp. is of special interest also in the building trade.

A processing of these recipes make high demands on the machines and components, as it may come to a challenging combination of abrasion and corrosion. The abrasion results from the irregular structure of the fillers resp. their degradation. The high residual moisture of up to 10 % in connection with flame retardants and other additives is responsible for the corrosive attack of the machines.

For approximate five years KREYENBORG GmbH is supplying melt pumps for applications with fillers, also for the processing of wood polymer composites. This experience resulted in a version of the gear pump of the type GPE, which defies all mentioned problems of this sophisticated task. A particular adaptation of the parts with regard to material selection and treatment - having been developed together with approved material specialists - provides a high resistivity against abrasion and corrosion. Also in this case the optimised melt channel of the KREYENBORG melt pumps prevent a degradation of the conveyed material.

With this configuration, a producer, who works with a wood portion of up to 70 % at a throughput capacity of 2.000 kg, could achieve five times longer running lives of the pump parts in comparison to the competition. Thus - owing to the efficiency of an adapted KREYENBORG melt pump - the production and processing of wood polymer composites further gains in attractiveness and presents new technical and economical application possibilities to a lot of users.