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Dansk AvisTryk boosting capacity and flexibility with KBA Commander 6/2

Giant KBA newspaper press with 2.4m web width for Denmark

(PresseBox) (Würzburg, ) Danish newspaper publisher Dansk AvisTryk in Glostrup, near Copenhagen, has placed an order with KBA for a Commander 6/2 coldset press in a unique, first of its kind configuration. The contract, signed just a few weeks before KBA celebrates its 190th jubilee in early August, underscores the group’s reputation for working with its customers on customised solutions for their specific needs. Dansk AvisTryk along with their project consultant, Web Offset Services of Sarasota, Florida proposed this unique design in order to gain an exceptionally high level of productivity as well as production flexibility in a compact arrangement.

The press will have a maximum web width of 2,400mm (94½in) in two parallel lines consisting of two reelstands, two printing towers and one folder in each line. One of its most unique features will be the single-width superstructure positioned between the two folders at right-angles to the triple-width towers. This feature provides the product flexibility of a single-width press with the production capacity of the triple-width format. Shipping is scheduled for mid-2008.

Dansk AvisTryk, established in 1976, employs 120 staff and last year posted sales of €31.6m ($42.5m), consuming 35,000 metric tonnes of paper in the process. Its broad base of products includes Denmark’s leading financial newspaper, Børsen, two free dailies, MetroXpress and Nyhedsavisen, along with a large volume of weekly and monthly publications and other promotional literature. The company prints over twenty titles a day ranging in size from 8 to 128 pages with a total circulation of more than one million copies. In choosing the 6/2 KBA Commander, Dansk AvisTryk had it specially configured to produce a wide range of product sizes from 250mm to 500mm running on web widths from 500mm to 2,400mm (94½in) with a cut-off of 560mm (22in). Maximum possible output in a 24-hour period is an astounding 195,840,000 pages, all in full colour. This will satisfy all current production requirements as well as provide many new opportunities for future growth.

Project consultant Sam Wagner, president of Web Offset Services, says: “Dansk AvisTryk’s production specs not only demanded a new press capable of high quality and output, but also a press that could run more products more efficiently with fewer people in less space than any other press currently being used in the industry. In order to accomplish this, a unique design was put together utilising a wide press with fewer webs in a compact arrangement, coupled with the flexibility of a single-width superstructure all operated by an advanced, yet simple, control system. Together with KBA and EAE, such a tailor-made solution was realised.”

Dansk AvisTryk president Sven Togsverd adds: “After checking out all the options offered by the leading manufacturers of newspaper presses we chose KBA because we believe that a triple-wide Commander, custom-configured to our production specifications, will not only be more efficient but also much more versatile than the other presses we looked at. KBA also arranged for live testing on similar KBA Commander 6/2 equipment in Europe to confirm the quality expectations that Dansk required and passed with flying colours.”

Spectacular configuration with a host of extras
The four Pastomat RC reelstands feeding the two Commander 6/2 press lines are engineered for a maximum reel diameter of 1,524mm (60in) and form a compact square behind the towers. A KBA Patras A system will convey the reels from the stripping station to the reelstands and load them automatically. The four nine-cylinder satellite towers will have semi-automatic plate changers utilising either standard panorama size or larger, three-wide plates. Also included on the towers are KBA RollerTronic automatically adjustable roller locks, automatic ink pumping, and automatic CIC, blanket cylinder and roller washing. Because of the large range of product possibilities and resulting web widths, two blankets will be utilised across the 2,400mm wide cylinders instead of the usual three. For optimal process control the blanket cylinders, ink oscillating drums, gear oil cases and electrical drives will all be water-cooled.

A multitude of folding and product possibilities
The two KF 5 folders will be positioned at right-angles to each press line. Turning the webs 90° will allow ribbons of different widths to be aligned individually and guided over the centre of the formers. Full-width webs ranging from 1,500mm to 2,400mm (59 - 94½in) are slit and then directed over the turner bars to the formers. The slitters and turner bars are set automatically with the preset system at the console for correct ribbon width and alignment. Each former section consists of two single-width formers that are positioned one above the other. Once the ribbons pass over the formers, the resulting folded width can range from 250mm to 500mm.

For tabloid productions, the formers are utilised in combination with KBA’s patented ribbon-splitting system along with diverter and ribbon-register rollers to divide the flow of ribbons according to the specified signature pagination, providing enormous flexibility in layout design with no additional turning. This also makes it possible to deliver two separate, stitched signatures with different page counts. The main draw roller will guide the gathered ribbons to the folder via the roller for cross-association. For broadsheet productions, the additional formers are used for sectioning purposes as well as tabloid inside broadsheet products, utilising the skip slit and skip stitch capabilities. Inline gluing is also included.

The two staggered superstructures can also be used on the fly as a back-up to divert the webs from one folder to the other with no change of plates. In collect production, for example, 96 tabloid pages can be delivered via each folder or 144 pages via folder 1 and 48 via folder 2. One of the folders will have a quarterfold capability for magazine production with the second folder already prepared when future demand requires it. The press will also feature two KBA section stitchers for inline finishing.

The 85,000cph KBA Commander 6/2 will be controlled and monitored from four consoles featuring EAE’s Semi-Commercial press control and presetting system, also including soft proofing. The system will be pre-programmed with a ‘job catalogue’ of over 500 different job configurations including default settings for all running press adjustments. This advanced feature, which was first pioneered on a KBA Colora press commissioned in the USA in 2006, will allow the instant presetting of any job required, whether it has ever run before or not. This not only greatly reduces the time and money spent during the installation and start-up phases, eliminating the need to build, store and test hundreds of productions, but also provides substantial savings to the customer in both time and waste from the very first day of production.

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