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NAMM 2014 - RigManager For the Kemper Profiler

(PresseBox) (Anaheim/ California, ) Kemper Amps, the company behind the multi award winning Kemper Profiler guitar amplifier today announced RigManager. RigManager allows to preview, tag and manage the thousands of rigs available for the Kemper Profiler. Equipped with extensive sort and search features, RigManger helps to find the right tone in no time and allows the guitarist to concentrate on his performance. RigManager also seamlessly integrates with RigExchange, a cloud storage system that thousands of Kemper Profiler users utilize to store their personal rigs and share them with the Kemper Profiler user community.

RigManager is free of charge and available during Q1 2014. A Mac version will be released later this year.

To learn more about RigManager, point your browser to:

RigManager Basics

One single application for windows acts as a content hub for the Kemper Profiler.
rigs from within the Profiler, the local hard drive, USB sticks, backups and RigExchange can be searched, previews and tagged in groups or individually
only one simple USB connection needed, RigManager talks directly with the Kemper Profiler


Completely backup the Kemper Profiler
Download and preview rigs from RigExchange. Currently nearly 4000 rigs from users available
Sort rigs on local hard drive in groups and folders
import rigs from third parties by drag and drop
Preview thousands of rigs by simply moving the cursor on screen, mark rigs as favorite rigs conveniently
Tag rigs individually and in groups. The better the tagging, the easier you find the rigs
Search for specific gain settings ("++++" searches for a gain around 4)


Rate rigs with a simple 5 stars system directly on the Kemper Profiler. RigExchange utilises user ratings to display score of a rig. Only rigs you have previewed can be rated.
Update your Kemper Profiler using RigManager
Mac version in 2014

Kemper GmbH

The Kemper Profiler represents a radical new approach to guitar sound. For decades, the electric guitarist has effectively been shackled to the tube amplifier as the only solution for getting "that sound". This combination may indeed be glorious, but it is far from ideal; achieving consistent results between practice, studio, and touring situations continues to challenge the guitarist, just as it has since the early 1930's. With the advent of the Kemper Profiler, everything has changed. For the first time in history, guitarists are free to create the most unique and individual tones that reflect the very essence of the player, and then capture these exact sounds into the digital domain with Kemper's patented technology.

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